Sunday, December 31, 2006

Any Given Sunday

Ok here is it. The last day of the week , the last day of the month, and also the last day of the year. Leaving this day with a big bang, sound like a nice plan also. Its tripple celebration. Sunday Trinity hahaha. A perfect end for a not so perfect year.

So gotta make a new year resolution guys. Tripple new year resolution muahahahaha.

1. Get drunk

2.Get thrown out of da club (seriously)

3.Get laid (muahahahaha pervert!)

Okokokok. Just kidding with the list above. Time to get the ass seriously on something big dont cha think?

1. Graduate. Graduate. Graduate (pass the exam ofcourse)

2.Pass the interview with PGS or any oil related company (hopefully/after graduating ofcourse) <---- high ambition huh

3.Win more Dota ha ha ha.

Till then see ya next year!

Friday, December 29, 2006

world wide wait as they said

Yesterday being so left behind in the news, my English lecturer telling us that he read in the news, a recent earthquake in Taiwan has cause the undersea cable to broke and it is said it takes at least 2 weeks for them to repair it. And this cause the internet connection speed has slowed down. It is said that the internet connection in Taiwan and Japan had recover to a normal rate but South East Asian region still experience the slow internet connection tho they said the situation been improving. Well when i discuss bout the earthquake with two other my (straight) friend, all that they care "Is JerryC alright. Gotta check his website. Ha Ha." Duh >.< by the way JerryC is a talented Taiwanese composer (he is the one that compose the Canon rock version) not to mentioned he considerably goodlooking as well.
Damn really should read more newspaper these day ha ha.

Speaking bout English class, i have two-well u can say considerable hot-Finlish (how do you call someone from Finland anyway) guy in my class. And the red-haired girl wasn't that bad looking. My first time seeing someone that naturally red head. I mean those that i have seen are fake (coloured), and this one are real. Authentic. You know what i mean. Well there always first time for everything rite.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Vamp, The Straight, The School, The Huddled

how fast thing can change unexpectedly. i always told myself to expect the unexpected. tho i still manage to escape from getting hurt to much, but still you can feel the pain.

Last night, after moving two of my boxes only to find that my Harry Potter and Dan Brown book were stolen.Anger, frustration, grieve all mixed into one making me more exhausted than ever. My biological clock ticking faster than before, turning myself into a vampire again, unfinished assignment, the busiest semester i ever had, tho some paper that i took dont have final means 100% course work, but it still make me tired. As i sit next to my friend last night after finish moving my boxes, suddenly i said " I think i gonna quit being a gay!" And he say "what?" Surprised. Though i shall not resist guy like Wang Lee Hom or Drew Fuller for god sake, other than that, it take more effort to make me become gay again. Oh not to forget that super eye candilicous. Plus there was this girl that i found yesterday and she remind me of that Song hye-gyo girl (of Full House and Autumn in my heart) with a Brasilian tanned style skin. Gosh.... Love at first sight? hell no ha ha.... But she definitely gorgeous. Plus i really not in the mood for festive season this year. And my (straight) friend asking me to go clubbing this Christmas. Probably will go for the "Green fairies" . Still two days more for Christmas, i still went around and saying "OMG it Christmas already. I didnt realize it!" The truth is i really didnt realize it. Probably I'm just tired and lonely. Ah I cant believe I'm feel like this. Vulnerable when I think I'm strong. Lonely when i have a lot of people around me. Tired even after i get 8 hours of sleep. Straight when I feel so gay. Wrong when I feel I'm right.

Event of motionless...


Love probably didnt come in a box.

but surely one can find it at door step.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A busy start

Its been awhile i didnt update my blog and look like there is something wrong my chatterbox. Too busy tho to fix it. i guess it already serve it purpose and it time for it to be remove ha ha. And ofcourse i didnt forget bout my senior JL, just how to contact you? LOL. I have few of graduated friend ofcourse.

Today is the first day of the semester, and the first class of the day is already canceled.Is this is a good thing or what. Anyhow it gonna be a damn busy semester. Few of my coleague are quiting their job already, hmm i wonder why it something bad always happen when something good is on the run. I mean i'm gonna miss my coleague la. Anyway as the school start i guess i not gonna think much about it. Furthermore its going to be a busy semester indeed. But surely this will happen he he...

p/s: a picture of my junior. He is cute isnt he? hehe

Monday, December 04, 2006

Open out/Black out Day

I really need a break. This even more tiring than the KL trip last week. I thought today gonna be my open day, as in telling my colleague who am i really am. I know i know why the sudden rush or should i just keep the secret. But i think last night he really knew about it, but still he keep it quite and act as everything is normal, which i am very grateful for that. But still it the second time he, err how to put it... catch me? But the word catch wasnt appropriate for this kind of situation, hmm really cant think of a suitable word which indicate i need a proper rest and need to study my English more hu hu (T.T). But as i planned to tell it today, another thing happen. It did cause some sort of disturbance in our normal routine day, black out! So we have to close for awhile tho, but still there are a little incident behind the scene sigh, but because of that everything turn up side down. Not literally, so it really such a crap. Looks like i have to find another proper time to tell him. Sigh.....

KL Dawn

Another thing when i check my blog today, honestly I'm surprised when i saw the comment leave by JL. Hmm another surprise!!! And he describe the whole event accurately, the booth, the event, the deco. Whoah, lucky no heart attack. I turn that i found another of his comment on Dr. Paul's blog. Hmm Straight guy dont read his blog rite, and as far i'm concern, only "partner in rainbow crime" read this crap blog hehe. So JL (Jason Lo, ohh or Jennifer Lopez hehe, or Jennifer Love) no offence just kidding, hehe. Not as a participant, probably speaker for presentation, LOL or i might even walk past him without me or he himself notice it or probably he is one of the people i speak with at the booth.Come to think of it, I didnt visit much booth thou i manage to get quite a number of name card ha ha. CGG, Schlumberger,Petronas, Veritas,most of the big name that I've ever heard are not on my list of booth that i visited.Just went to the less heard company one. I.e Talisman (that remind me of Dota ofcourse), PGS, Fugro, etc etc. Hey i got talisman umbrella, for being the first visitor hehe. But whoever is he, he is my sempai, and i should give a full respect to my sempai. Who knows he might be the one who interview me ha ha. Such a small world. Oh if u reading this i'm fine thank you.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm back...

The trip to kl was tiring and i didnt expect the Geo-conference turn to be that great.Well been thinking a lot before went to the conference and all, i guess i worried too much even before the thing has happen. I think its a good platform for student to get close to the industry and to get to know their future employee, and since we located so far in the northern part of this country it is a chance that any student shouldn't let go.

The conference indeed is fun, and it turn to be more than i expected. Ofcourse there were talk and booth of various company for us to visit, but i thought it would be 80% old geezers talking bout this and that.(One of our lecturer paper was presented on the 1st day.) I guess i'm wrong then, the conference was full of young people and not to mention some of them are hot indeed.Some of them are really hunk and i couldn't believe it, to think that there is hot G in the industry ha ha. By the way G is initial for those who work in the industry such as D for Doctor, E for Engineer. Ha ha i think if the conference were to be held longer, i think my eye would be "rosak" already. There are consider a lot of eye candy, not to mention some of them are in HR department, so i guess it an important task to woo-ing them haha. Just kidding...

What make the the whole conference thing more better is the presence of a very enjoyable friend to hang out with. It would be a boring event if it wasnt because of that particular person(him ofcourse). I must admit being a super senior wasn't fun at all, but the sporting junior has made it all more merrier. Well ofcourse we have to be friendly in the first place ha ha. Oh by the way, as i expected there is people been talking abut me. I wanna say bad-mouth-ing or kutuk me but it were quite true aswell. I admit that i've been a bit of lalai or being a bit irresponsible in my task as the V.P of this particular club, but hell i dun care that much, probably i shouldnt put it on my resume but i think i've got a bad impression from certain lecturer. Argh!!!! Anyway i still got one more semester to prove that they are wrong and kick their ass. Can i? (My confidence a bit shattered)

Anyway i managed to buy the book that i've been lookin for. Just read a few chapter and i glad that i bought the book. Will talk bout it again once i finish read the book. (however the book quite thin? so i think i'll finish it in short time)

Ahh so tired, and feel a bit sleepy. I guess i stop here tho. Alfie-chan thanks for accompany me hehe. Really enjoy it. alfie-chan ありがとう!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

"Fuck nice..." (2nd)

I got headache now and the panadols that i've taken doesnt help either. Too many things on my mind. The ass-signment, trip to KL this Sunday, err what else..? Hurm hurm....i dont know; certainly a lots of thing in my mind at the moment and it seems I can't think straight. Hell yeah did i forget that i'm gay? LOL. The trip to kl doesnt seem to excite me, well there are nothing much to excite about honestly, just a conference where we can meet our future employer; which make me wonder how soon can i join this forces of evil err... workforce i mean. And i doubt i will have fun either. Well dont want to be so skeptic about all of this but hey it just can't be helped. (And i dont know what im ranting about honestly) I really should get my ass (or dick) a life! But until that time to come i'll sit here in the dark(exaggerating) alone and wait for that time to come and say "Fuck nice..."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Fuck nice...."- Debbie Grassi

Well for those who been watching QAF or big fan of it, they perhaps familiar with this quote by Debbie Grassi. Well she say this on one of her finest moment (as told by friend and i dont remember which scene). What i'm trying to say here is ever since i finish my exam, about a week ago; 5 days to be exact, i been like sort of lost or rather empty.I know, I know, i should be in celebration mood right now, but it just that i feel it just not right or something has lost and i need to fine what ever it is to make me feel complete. Love? Oh please, it is not bout that, it is something else. Purpose or perhaps it is because I been surrounded by graduated people looking for job. Well me myself suppose to join that big band of job seeker myself, but since i havent fullfill and have to repeat some bloody-susah-nak-mampus paper,I guess I have to past that moment and I have one more semester to go! I hope. On the other hand I do feel that i'm not ready. Urgh!! I really hate those feeling. I hate school! I hate exam! Damn such pain in the ass. And i cant wait for the moment where I'm gonna say "Fuck nice...".

By the way, I've hit the lowest of all time testosterone! And really no mood for sex.
I should get a life!Damn i hate "it" when it happen to me! Anyway i dont know how to define IT here.....Anyone got any idea?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The "Un-" series

I woke this afternoon, once again unmotivated, planning to go to library but i'm so lazy to move my ass. And the un-xxx week for me especially after my remote sensing paper. Un-motivated(ofcourse),un-well(luckyly i didnt fell sick),un-gay(urgh please come my SUPER GORGEOUS EYE CANDY customer),and un-enthusiastic, almost for everything(blogs,mail,chat,irc,etc). Argh where had the b***h (muse) gone? Exam sure makes people go crazy! Still one more paper to go.And for the past 3 days i've been doing nothing but more gaming.sigh. And when i arrive in work place i found someone installed RO in one of the pc!!!!!Damn! feel like wanna play again after quiting RO long time ago.
On my way, i could see the water vapor evaporating to the cloud above it, probably from the sea or it just merely lower cloud's particle, moving upward and creating a larger forgot what name cloud. It going to rain and it wont be just a shower.i could hear the sound of thunder. and i hate it. Guys are likely 4 times higher to struck by a lightning compare to gals. And since most students finish their exam already, leaving uni like a ghost town. Not many people around, and even if there people around they must be siting infront of their study table, reading, memorising formula, deriving equations etc. etc. I wish i could pick up their brain and i wont have much trouble doing my exam. Probably if i could perform the "mind transfer jutsu" (Naruto influence) to one of the brainy student, it would be great muahaha!

Argh such a pain in the ass!

Friday, November 03, 2006

"Spell of Schizo"

i did the unthinkable. went dota day before my exam where i should put my effort on studying. and what more crazy was, i searchin for a spell (think of Charmed or Harry Potter i u had to)and eventually i did found one. A spell that to make u pass the exam and a spell that boost up ur confident level. But i modified a bit and make it more ryhme, atleast to what i can think for suit the first line.
muahahaha. i think the door of tg rambutan open wide for me hahaha

Monday, October 30, 2006


The will is strong, but my flesh begging for more weekend off. I guess working during holiday kinda make me exhausted, both physically and mentally. not to mention an event that change your life forever. Infact every event that happen change our life. Which directions we are going to take nexts. It's been 3 weeks since the fatefull morning i might say, and life would be much different if it does not happen.

Yeah, every single things that happens in our life (my life actually) wether getting a cute greeting sms or e-mail from the very best old friend (smiled), meeting new people, a 'fight' with customer (believe me i'm such a pain-in-the-ass cashier-boy muahaha) or even the song that touched your heart or an anime that really make u laugh for the whole day, it really give an effect to our daily life wether we notice it or not. Ok i might my say my mood a bit mellow (morelikely a mixed between sorrow and joy), but when a SUPER GORGEOUS customer enter just now, with that blur innoncent looking of him looking for a person in charge -me-since i didnt sit at the front desk- i say to myself:"God please make me gay again"

It doesnt take an Einstein's brain to guess what he wanted which i hope more than a printing service *evil smile*. Purposely taking the thumb-drive with my palm so my hand can touches his hand-same trick when i hand over the thumb drive again-and re do the setting of the printer so he can stay next to me longer-all it takes to enjoy short moment with him. And when he ask for the price, instead of saying kiss me and you'll get it f-o-c.i said "20cent" and give him that puppy eye and cutey smile to him. Watching him went out to the door before he disappear from my sight, i told myself this is kind of guy that i would like to fall in love at first sight (lost my word here). It such a sweet feeling, and it takes only one person to do so.

There are 6 billion people in this world. 6 billion souls. And sometimes, only 1 person that would change our life completely.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

When It Falls Apart....

"Tell (me) what do you do when it all falls apart
Gotta pick myself up, where do I start
Cause I can't turn to you when it all falls apart"

dunno where it all starts
and i believe in your words
i think to myself, am i a fool?

when it rain it pours
i'm confuse, issit a blessing or is it crying on behalf of me?
Tell (me) what do you do when it all falls apart...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

viande morte

ok lets face it, im a dead meat.viande morte!
last friday test, i know i'm a dead meat.
yay! lets roll on the floor and dance like an old perv out of his med!
one more to go.
and you failed one!
oh who gives a fuck!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Shit happens

Just b4, i feel so unmotivated, but now im just mad, geram. Do i jump back into how i feel just now, so i can write the same thing? Urgh, i feel like wanna bite the button that has make my life shittier. oh god! This post was suppose to be something nice (atleast better than this) urgh...............

and the radio just so boring. they keep playing the same song every hour! 50 minutes of non stop music and for the next 50 minutes they are playing the same fucking song!!!!!! the only thing that keep me listening to that radio station (apart from the radio is quite far from where i sit and i'm just too lazy to move my ass) is their super hot DJ.

Hot DJ!

Hot enough to cool me down.^^!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


My friend m@d-d0gZz and matt complaining about into another dimension thing. Well u right. so lets move on to calculus then. can u solve it like this?

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I dont know why, but today i feel i just wanna dissapear into another dimension.Or atleast make me invisible.Put me somewhere but here. Six feet under, burn me in the desert, or chill me at the artic cold. Or fly me to a place full of Bavarian's people.

And then come the lust.................................
for a beer, chocolate, grilled chicken, fried pork, french fries, BigMac, oh yah it include wine. I'm just thirsty.

Someone bring me a glass of beer please!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Dream Rhapsody

Last weekend was like a dream.Today when i wake up, i feel like i'm back to real world(u r indeed in a real world, dreamer!). And i hate the feeling. Feels like everything so wrong, feels like you witness something so horrible like a murder or something.Feel so unlucky. Yeah i'm the supersticious one, like MyLuckyStar said. Perhaps wrong side of the bed. i hope so. I hate it when it starts with a good dream and end with bad dream. Yeah shit does happen. Could it be any shittier????? And I wake up late today, very very late(5.30pm!)And I sleep late too.Dun ask bout class.

Luckily you (MyLuckyStar) wasn't any part of my dream, even good ones. Because if u are, i defenitely wont meet you again.And i'm glad that u r part of real life. And i hope you stay a bit longer(^^). Oh please listen to this song.

Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm thinking off posting another thing, but i change my mind, well lets say i'll keep it or maybe i'm just too lazy to wite bout it. As this morning i didnt sleep again and i'm a bit reluctant to go to class especially it start at 8.00am. Gosh i couldnt wake up if i were sleeping. Anyway it is an English class, remember my English lecturer i told about? yeah his class. And ofcourse being late to the class the only seat that available is front seat. Well what ever, another good view (actually it really a VERY damn good view). Trust me when i say it, but ofcourse i have to control myself so it wont be so obvious that i'm staring at him (my lecturer). I realize that he has a very nice kiss-able lips. Smooth and erm.... not so gorgeous but i bet that lips is worth it i mean for u to kiss ha ha *smooooch*. i wish i have a cam-phone.Oh today he wearing that Brokeback-ish shirt again!

Damn i'm so tired rite now, thank god no customer tonight. It been a tiring week. Especially on Wednesday. The nightmare starts from that day. The Sophomores are busy talking bout their interview with Petronas, while some final year students are excited about an interview with Schlumberger. Not to mention another pain-in-the-ass-ignment. Well have to dig back all the old books and notes bout well log, geology and seismic especially. Yeah, without seismic we are zero!

Well enough bout school.

Lately, i've met a lots of my old friends virtually through fs. So it kinda bring back all the sweet memory during sweet age. However, what more important is today i receive a message in my fs, and it from someone that is so dear to me someone that i called MyLuckyStar in mh hp directory.A friend that i know during my matriculation. Well too short for love but too deep for fling. As the semester ends (during my matriculation) so do our relationship. Well....on the very last day i was there, i lost my phone for god sake! And we lost contact. However today, because the LadyLuck perhaps, he accidentally find me and msg me. Chatted for awhile (or replying each other msgs actually). To be honest there are times that i think of him and miss him ha ha. But that was kinda long time ago. But who knews what future might holds for us. So it's good to get in touch with u back sunchine! Really is.........

Friday, September 22, 2006

My baby....

Not really mine actually. As there was not really much customer, so i can spend my time surfing the net. It's been awhile i didnt check my friendster. So make it short, as i browsing through my friend list, i come across this pic of my friend. At first i thought that was her new-born cousin or new-born niece or nephew. As i explore more the pic actually her own baby! Aww....... so cute. Really miss all my friends. And the pic, you can feel the joy. Unexplainable but it give u the happy feeling.
Suzy, sorry for posting your ur baby Isaac (what a beautiful name too) picture here without your permission he he(but like i let u know bout this blog he he)Maybe i'll post in my friendster's blog too...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back to the future (or past)

sometimes i wish to live in the stone age where technologies not available yet. Well to be precise i'm pretty annoyed with some tech today except for the pc and internet infront of me ofcourse. Ah well maybe i'm tired (i sleep less than 2 hour today!. But work still work. Luckyly today no class.

Anyway thanks to kyle for entertaint me with your comments ha ha.
Matt you can just leave comments on the chatbox lah.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Better late than never

I was late to my English class today. I wonder what are they doing as i peek from outside before i enter the class. Being late to class i have no choice but to sit infront. Very close to my lecturer table. Well i can put my eye on this ah mong lecturer.

Speaking bout him, i remember one day he wore the boxes shirts (the one my ex English teache called maths shirt) and he really look like a Brokeback actor. Not that he look like Jake or Heath Ledger (i wish) but the appeareance was too Brokeback-ish. You know what i mean, the whole class i'm thinking of Jake Gyllenhaal. But i think the lecturer is straight. Definitely. Atleast i think lah.

Back to my class- i have been skipping quite many of his classes or 3 classes i think. Anyway during today class as everyone else busy-ing writing an essay, i just cant stop myself from examining his good parts. He was sitting so no special view there ( you know what im talk about ) ha ha. Luckyly i still manage to finish mine aswell. Ha ha i guess better late than never (especially when you have to sit infront and your lecturer is an eye candy).

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And i found my antidote today

Its kinda a bad start today, and im still tired. Lack of rest and not enough sleep as usual i went to my bed around 6.00am today. I spend a few minutes outside, just to see the night-sky before the day. Its so beautiful.... I was amazed even just for awhile.
Like i say today was bad start, and i'm a bit reluctant to go to class which is i thought this class which is ok for me to skip, but it was the other one, the one that i should attend (based on subject difficulty). I was still on my bed when my boss call me and ask me to cover him for awhile at my workplace. I was half awake at that time, so it not so hard for me to control my voice.

"I have class now" I lied. "I'll be there after my class finish. Ok." So i lied back on my bed, i still got 60 minutes more for my to enjoy my "beauty sleep". Finish my bath, taken my lunch, i set myself to my workplace. Still tired thou, with my (almost) panda eye.

Today kinda busy. During my time it always busy and i couldnt help myself. *yawning*
But luckyly i found my antidote. There was this guy (my customer) and he kinda hot! Atleast there is something for me too see. I think he is from chemistry school. Yeah he sure give me the "chemistry" today.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fat Rhapsody (Saturday Morning)

Fat fat fat. Everyone hate fat. Hate of becoming overweight. Tell me who enjoy being fat? But what most annoying is fat people attitude. I hate to mention it and it really against my policy to talk bad bout other people (unless they did something curseable to me) but i guess i can give myself an exception on this. I'm not that nice. They (fat people) such a negative energy bringer. You could feel the aura of negativity when they enter the atmosphere. I admit not all are like that-as they can be cheery and playful (gross). However, im not going to give them any credit, atleast here. I could give you a few examples.

1. If u a fan of The Apprentice, you'll see there is one overweight, sharp tounge, think he is right fat ass lawyer.Nobody in his team enjoy his company. Seriously.He couldnt get along with anybody. He was fired on the 3rd or 4th week. I couldnt remember it. But i remember this line: "Brent, you're fired," said Trump. "Out. Over. Go!"

2. Well it is fine cool Saturday morning as me and my colleague starts the bussines. (Well our boss trust us to do the opening). Guess what, our first customer is fat, fat, and fat. Being so out and loud in this peaceful morning. Shut up! Have anyone told you that silence is golden. Well from the first glimpse i already know what kind of person he is and its proven. Think he knows it all bla bla.

3. Huh do i need to mention more???? I think is enough liou.

Well perhaps i'm a bit tired,not enough sleep, lack of rest that cause my sensor to become over sensitive this morning. Well this is beautiful Saturday morning, and I shouldnt bother myslef with it anymore. More to come as it still early. Hopefully it will ends beautifully too, just like this morning that i had.

Monday, September 11, 2006

To wear or not to wear....

as we walk home last night, talking nonsense except for our BIG losing today, at one point i ask one of my friend-since he love sms-ing with various girls that he woo-ing, "what are you gonna do with them? What benefit did you got?" said me-ofcourse what i mean is you still havent fuck the girl.

He replied "We'll take it slow and easy buddy. I'll get it but not here."

Sorry this definitely straight thing, so no homosexual jokes gonna be said here. Ha ha. As sex definitely an interesting topic to talk about. Always. So we come to the part wether to wear condom or not. And me ofcourse insisting on using condom espeacially for one night stands. Hey for safety reason right, and both of my friend saying that condom making the sex feel less sensation.

"Well thin condom are available on market now. So it wont effect the feeling or the sensation" said me.

"No, Josh it still got different. You dont know bah" said one of ma friend.
(at this point, deep in ma mind i say- how would you know i dont have any experience. Eherm... my dirty little secret!)

Well i still insist that " No, it doesn't effect that much what. You still can enjoy the sex"

"Later you kena AIDS baru tau"

Another friend say "Who ask you to fuck a bitch. That one ofcourselah will got AIDS one."

"We go for virgin lah" the other said.

"How do you know they virgin or not?" -if they were virgin, they wont give it easily. Only bitch do that.

"We check-lar down there" Ha ha, the three of us laughing.

As we almost reached our hostel, three of us lost into another dimension. Each one of us with whatever thing in our mind.Upon our conversation, to be honest i'm kinda shock because both of them do not know the important of safe sex or atleast the need of 'it'. In this contect of conversation-condom. When i read the article about the knowledge of young Malaysian regarding this issue (in Axcest) i wasn't sure about it justifiable. It is hard to believe that despite all the effort especially done by the local NGO and goverment aswell doesnt reach our youngsters!

Gosh this trully terrifying. No wonder AIDS spreading almost exponentially in Asia. Perhaps it sound like i'm exaggerating, but it never hurt to be on safe side.

I guess only the enlighten knows. (Smile to Derek ^___^)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Azzurri, my love......

I was watching Carrie Underwood video music when a customer approach me which i tot at 1st she wanna pay.

Customer: Excuse me, do you got bathroom(restroom) here. I need to use bathroom. Thanks.

Me: Yeah sure. You can use the bathroom at the barber shop there (place where i'm working is same level with the barber shop)

and i show her where the bathroom. She still hesitated to go because she dont know that my place and the barber shop share the same restroom (you see the place where i work only use half of the place-the other half belong to the barber shop).

She ask the people in the barber shop

Customer: Can i use the bathroom here? The (pointing at me)...

I guess people at barber shop cant speak English (the customer actually a Caucasian with a kinda cute slang-British actually)

Me: Dia nak pakai tandas.

Oooo... they just nodded their head.

So she do her thing and me back to my job.

Few mins later she aproach me back (after she finish do whatever she need to do) i was still listening to Carrie with headphone ofcourse i wasnt realize she was at my back. She trying to call me few times before i realize she is there.

"I wanna pay" she said.

And i was like "oh ok. I'm sorry. I didnt realize you were there."

I went to the counter "emmm RM5.80 total."

She checking her purse-taking out 4 RM1 notes, looking for somemore notes.

" I only have RM4" she looking at me and trying to give RM50 notes.

"Sorry i dont have small changes" as I'm staring at the cash box. I know it not enough for her change.

"Oh.. i have an idea, why dont i check my coins. Let we see" she saids.

Taking a small transparent plastic from her bag, which is almost full of coins. Finally she manage to get two 50cent coins and four 20cent coins. Allright it enough.

Before she when back, i have a chat with her.She actually an Italian, studying in Britian before and now she is doing her Phd on what subject-i dont know, i didnt ask her. No wonder her English is so purfect. As i ask her bout her national football team which is lost to France 3-1. Oh no my Azuri, what has happen to you. But atleast the won the World Cup. We both sad with the lost,since I am an Italian supporter too! But well as she said "At least they wont World cup"

And i just replied back with a smile, watching her went to door before she vanished from my eyes. Yes indeed, atleast they won (World Cup).

I think i just like my job more and more.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I thought i came to work kinda late today-i forgot that i set my watch 10 mins earlier than normal times. Well i always can surf the internet first before i start my work.

It kinda weird,and i dont know why-i feel a bit lost today.Maybe because I sleep very late last nite. Or to be precise i sleep this morning and spend ma whole day sleeping. So unlikely people of this side of the world. This week it seem that i'm back into my old vampiric lifestyle. More bloody nites, more merciless killing, more winning streak. Ha ha.

So while waiting, i open my msn and see who online. It 6 pm something on this side of the world and not many people online or put busy/away on their status (whatever).
Browse punya browse, i saw this friend (Martin of Quantum Entanglement-correct me if the spelling is wrong)and i click on him and start our conversation. It roughly like this lor as i can recall it

Me: Hi

Martin:Hi, how r ya?

Me: Fine thank you. but i feel kinda lost into another dimension today.

Martin: Why? I'm bout leaving to work

Me: Wrong side of the bed i guess.
Oic okok. <---at this time i still forgot that he actually on the other side of the world

Me(again):Do u believe that there is other us in (at this point i reget i didn't save our conversation just now) another dimension? Just like in the tv series The Sliders

Martin: In modern physics there is possible another universe. I wish i could go into dimension where im rich.

Me: Ha ha. Everybody wants thats. Yup, its possible. Stephen Hawking did say so( he actually writes an essay bout possiblity of another universe-i think in his book Baby universe and other essay)

Still me: Hey do you have any cool website? I'm bored here. (at this time more customer coming and my boss ask me to do something)

Martin:Let me see. Wait ok....
why dont you try They usually put something new there.
Ok i gtg to work now. Nice chatting wif you.

When i'm back he already signing out and I still havent thanks him yet.(Thank you)

At this time i do thinks that there are other us in other dimension, and sometimes dream is a window where we can see what other us is doing. Thats why we been meeting someone that we dont know, places we never been before in our dream. Hmm i guess i'm a bit lost today and i feel sort of deja-vu(a friend of mine once told me it is cause by tiredness)

Oh there is a story that i wanna share, but i still cant find any proper words or still dont know how to put it into a word that can really speak my mind. Save it for another times perhaps.

Lost- still isnt a perfect situation

Sunday, September 03, 2006

the prelude

Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened!

this is wat written on the poster: "Let no one who loves be unhappy, even love unreturned has its rainbow." - James M. Barrie

Thursday, August 31, 2006

to the man that i love

Today's blog is dedicated specially to the man i love.This excerpt is taken from my favourite manga, Bleach. Pay attention to this line as quote by Orihime Inoue; "I wish i could live life 5 times over......and for those 5 times..."

"watashi-wa hontouni daisuki-desu"

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rainy day....

There are a lot of things that i wants to write here or thing that i wanna share today.
But lets keep it for another day.
Wasnt in a good mood just now(made me lost interest to blogging), merdeka blues perhaps, however with a simple smile of someone special, i shall end my day today with a smile too!
Yesterday, when i read the newspaper there was one article that captured my attention. The topic? Global warming. I guess the debates about global warming still goes on and on(in a hot and full of rage manner). Still (we) the earth scientist community haven't truly bother about this issue.-i guess i shall give my comment on this, but not now-
It's merdeka eve now....

Rainy day,good smile, good song(background music ha ha)

"Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it's everything in between that makes it all worth living."


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Love season

Just like the comment i left for kyle, everywhere i go, i sense lots of love blossoming or rather my love sensor has become extra-sensitive. I dont know why but perhaps i envy them. Am i??? Sometimes me myself dont know the answer and refuse to know it. Such a melancholic act. Still i rather be melancholic than thinking of those shiity images that still resides my mind.

I guess i better back to study.

Bad morning-inhuman Rhapsody

OMG i still hardly forget the incident that happen this morning. Well lets start it the usual way, I woke up unexpected early this morning, since i slept quite late last night-after finish Dota-ing with my fren, we went back and have a chat in my friend's room and went to my bed around 2.30am. It turns that when i woke up (around 6.00am-why the hell i wake up that early) they haven't sleep yet. Well two of them already lying on bed, while the other two still playing computer games.(yeah we are such a gamers freak! LOL) Bout the time i went to their place, both of them already finish another stage of Need4Speed(MW). So i take the turn to browse through my friend porn collection (straight-since all of them is straight and nobody know i'm a controversial, you know what i mean). Yes it early in the morning, well i not only browse for porn, still got other funny video clip inside, to cheer up your morning. So here it come the best part, my friend name the video (porn) with an artiste name, since he got some collection of a porn of some perverted artiste, so i click lah on this so-call artist and the windows media player window pop up-and then come this f**k asshole video of a man slaughter another guy throats! OMG, i would never expect my peaceful morning were disturbed by a such inhuman video. Still barely forget bout it, and my brain work it best to erase such image from my head. Some thing are better forgoten, gosh!!! BullshiT. The whole morning i try to forget it.

The rest of the day, i just lied back on my bed, luckyly it rain in the afternoon, the coldness makes my eyes become sleepy so i take my mid-day nap longer than usual.

Oh last night, finally i can lepas my geram Dota-ing. It been awhile, luckyly some skill still not rusty yet. (to be honest we lose the 2nd game to some bunch of noobs, 1st game we hardly win) But come to final games when all teamate are heated up (notes:two of my friends have fight, just by word lah) we really kicking ass. Isnt it good to be on the winning team haha.

p/s:someone please bang my head so i can get temporary amnesia-so i can forget this filthy inhuman image!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Finally...well atleast

Sigh, the whole day (well not really lah since 4.00pm) i been repairing and reconstruct my blog. A bit tired and sakit kepala!!! I thought i'll drop by at the place where i work but it turn i have to jaga the place for awhile. I dunno whose turn now but obviously nobody is around and my fren (who do the opening in the morning) want to go back already. Look like the trip turn to be longer than expected. Anyway still can surf for free haha. Just now have a chat with friend customer and we chat bout Dota. Man since i started this job it been awhile i went Dota-ing with my friends. Miss it much.

Oh to the Searcher, congrats for earn a new title the Searcher-nomore haha. Ok will look at your comment (including kyle's). And kyle, safe journey =p. I tot u went to local uni.


p/s: cant stop thinking bout that guy.Thinking of meeting him later. hope my boss will arrive shortly, u know what, i've just finish watching a video klip (or watever it name) title: Slut and the City. So funny, no offence to the Sex and the City. Cant wait for the Desperate Housewives version. I wonder how it could be. =p

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Now i have to re-do back my link! Damn it.

Hip dun lie......

I have a nice sleep last nite, but unfortunately have to wake-up early today. (i hate to wake up early esp. on Sunday. BTW im not a church goer anymore) Before i went to work, i stop by at Dewan Budaya-to see the launching programme of YnCr Radio by MassCom School. Hey, would not let go a chance to see leng chai there. I heard mass com student have quite a lot of gay other than bio school. hehe Oh i got terserempak with that Chan Kwok Fai guy (guest artiste) on my way haha. He look pretty ok =p.

oh anyway this is wat i'm trying to write last friday:

Keep it Simple Idiot:

Hmm, i keep thinking bout my drop-water-face presentation.
If it were an American idol , this is what Simon gonna say bout it Totaly,utterly useless! I dun understand what the heck you are doing! Yeah really. I sould learn a lesson from last week the Aprentice. Keep it simple, idiot! Damn i should learn my lesson! Anyway there is one presentation that really interesting and capture everybody attention. I forgot the name of my fren who make the presentation, but her topic is indeed and simple. Damn me kena lagi! Her topic Crush vs Break up. haha. I just gonna give 13 sign of falling in love. I got this from her. here we go

13. When your on the phone with them late at night and they hang up... but you miss them already when it was just two minutes ago

12. You read their texts over and over again...

11. You walk really slow when you're with them...

10. You feel shy whenever you're with them...(i dun agree with this though)

9. When you think about them, your heart beats faster and faster...

8. You smile when you hear their voice...

7. When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you... all you see is him/her...

6. You start listening to slow songs, while thinking of them...

5. They become ALL you think about...

4. You get high just from their scent...

3. You realize that you're always smiling to yourself when you think about them...

2. You would do anything for them...

1. While reading this, there was one person on your mind the whole time.....

yup that it.


Back to present day:
Pretty much like that. Feel quite bored now, luckyly the radio play plenty of good song today. Hmm, i wonder why my mind did not thinking of that guy? Yesterday i cant stop thinking bout him during yesterday seminar. Still missing him though. =p

[slb^m|ss|ng^sum1] =p

Saturday, August 26, 2006

tiring day....

I wrote this blog last nite, but im too exhausted to continue and publish it

Its been tiring day today, and i havent got enough rest. After finish the so-called BTN-the most boring seminar u'll ever attend-dun know what they craping about. Never-the-less we still have to attend it because it is a requirement for u to enter my uni. After the seminar finish i went straight to work(part-time). Luckyly now no customer (maybe because it holiday already) so i can relax awhile and takes this time to write something. =yawning=

Last nite i try to post a blog, but dunno somehow i cant post a thing. It say it doesnt connected to Internet problem i guess. Damn, i'm trying to post something nice last night.

I'm quite bored right now, and i just couldnt help myself going crazy thinking bout -ehem-

Thursday, August 24, 2006

blessed ?

i've been running into kinda plenty of leng chai today. Leng chai indeed. Bump into kinda a lot of good thing today. At first i feel blessed, as the sun going to her rest place in the west, i feel the opposite indeed. If good thing happen why i still feel like something is missing or incomplete. "The worst feeling you'll ever feel is sitting next to the person who means the world to you knowing that you mean nothing to them." That all i can say, eventhough i doesnt tell the whole picture of how do i feel now, but part of it is half right (true isnt appropriate in this context). but i guess maybe im just tired.

Big TESTis tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Another interesting video

I found this interesting video. it's kinda sad (the story line) but the message is mainly about AIDS.

Cinderella's Rhapsody

Yesterday was quite bored as i wake up late and I'm late for my class. However the past few day (except yesterday) and today aswell I tend to wake up as early as 6.30am. One of the reason is because my room is near to cafe.So each time they start operating at 6.30am (cooking,cleaning etc) especially when they start cooking (esp when they cook anchovies) the smell enter my room and made me hungry and couldnt sleep anymore.*sigh* i've been eating a lot since this semester and in this new room, still some ppl said I'm getting thinner. Wait till you see my tummy haha.

As yesterday was boring and since it school holiday, there are plenty of of nice show around (on tv lah).So my evening was plenty with some good kid show.And one of it was Cinderella.I cant believe I still watch that **** fairy tale especially when I'm anti-stupid. Stupid in that sense.So unrealistic, and well you know it a fairy-tale-happily ever after. Piaks! LOL

Despite the stupidity (or stupidness), in my mind i still thinking ,isn't it everybody dream to meet, fall in love and then married and lived happily ever afterwith their prince charming. Am i right? I still remember what the Prince Charming said to Cinderella in the end of that story.He said " And I give you everything I posesed. My crown, my hand, and my heart." Ouch so romantic hahaha! I wish (everyone do) i could meet someone and say the same thing to me. I wont turn back and and 'married' her (or should i be more frank, him!). I guess deep inside of everyone heart that they could meet their prince charming someday (yes especially me)

It is still dark outside there.7.00 am in the morning. I wake up at 6.30am as i mentioned earlier. I like the envinrontment at this time. Still so quite and calm ( i guess the cafe start late this morning). People said the sky is darkest just before the morning (sun) arrives.

p/s:i'm not anti-love and fairy-tale story. I just anti stupid.

Still isnt a perfect situation. 7.01 am

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

still no title......

Yesterday was kinda weird. The day Malaysia no. 1 song-bird married with her soulmate, I feel sort of sad not that because she is married, it just in the end we all as it suppose to be are going to marry someone (especially when you the only son and being the eldest!) somekind make me worried aswell as scared (i wonder why i should be scared?). Anyway I was a bit worried as she (Malaysian own no.1 singer as claimed by the media) married with a widow. I just wonder how his future husband family going to accept her as this isnt just an ordinary fairy tale. I just hope her married will last just like in classic tale -happily ever after-. For me, marriage should be forever and as someone who view it as a scared union, i do believe in love that last forever.

Oh speaking bout marriage, one of my fren married already. And she didnt come for her convo.

p/s: today is my 100th day of meet.......... =)
err i lost and dunno wat to write anymore. it seem i lost wat i want to write just now. *sigh*

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Doctor Asshole-reedited

Ok, there something bout so called doctor and medic student behavior that is so annoying, full of themselves and ass hole. Firstly, because they are doctor and medic student so sometime they feel superior and more better than u behaviour. Being an asshole is their specialty, and i think they should have how to behave humbly class in their syllabus! Yup this afternoon i met one of them. ( i'm sorry if i hurt you, just being honest with my feeling) Another one thing is sometimes they r just rude (just like one doctor i met last time)
Anyway the 1st case (with the doctor wannabe fren) is resolve already. No offence taken dear! muahahahaha

Still pain in the ass-signment and test!

again another video

haha i found another interesting video again. anyway mad-dogs help me with the translation haha. ok here u go. enjoy!


ok i do need some help here.

1. Kyleflozart-it surprise me when i read ur comment because i wonder how on earth u know that i link u? somebody please tell me

2. Joshua- i dunno how to go to ur blog again or more precisely ur url. hahaha

i know this gonna make me sound and look stupid, but i'm lost here. hehe

The star is blind

Hahaha, i dunno why but i really like this song. yup i know it from paris hilton, still she sing the song well (who cares if she really dumb blonde after all she is and rich too)back to the song, yeah the song really catchy and it made me remind bout my ex mad-dogs! haha this song really indeed remind me of u! haha. really enjoy the song.

or here

morning rhapsody-again

it hard to get free internet at this time, so blog time!

wah it 7.30am already, ghosh i didnt aware how fast time pass us by. Just now was the best time to see meteor shower, not tonite perhaps, i forgot to check the time table. the best time to see those shooting stars is during December. On the 18 was among the best day to see it. I wish those shooting stars could bring my wishes, hope it can come true. haha sounds stupid anyway, but as much as i didnt believe it, still i hope each time i say my wishes when it pass by, i do wish it comes true, just like in the movie haha.

Today another more friends going for their convocation, and today also the last day of convo week. next week 2 test will come follow by english presentation. More things to do. *sigh*

oh to all my frens especially , my graduated coursemate, congratulation. Good luck in the working world, wish ya all the best of becoming ur parent assets (joy to the parent knowing that their liabity is their asset now hahaha). Michelle and other Schlumberger peeps, safe journey for ya training! Miss you guyz, dun forget us ah!

pain in the ass-ignment and test!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Diari seorang lelaki

just now as usual michelle's blog is one of my favourite blog. will put her link here soon. anyway there one malay song that catch my ear. it from local band; Pretty Ugly-

Dari semalam ku tunggu
Fikir kau pulang ke pangkuanku
Ku dengarkan lagu cinta
Pilihan terbaik kita
Ku mainkan CD berulang
Lupakan segala ucapan
Perpisahan yang kau pinta

Benar dikau ku cinta Setiap detik ku puja
Kau sering perhatiku sambil belai rambut mu
tak ingin aku lupa kenangan yang tercipta
belikan aku diari ku tulis setiap hari

(singer and the jazz guitar goes into a high.. bup bup pab pab pab) <---wrote by michelle

Bercinta, berkasih bagai Adam dan Hawa
Bergaduh, selisih buat kita sempurna
Janganlah dipendam, luahkan perasaan
Tiada benci, iri hati itulah destinasi


Benar dikau ku cinta Setiap detik ku puja
Kau sering perhatiku sambil belai rambut mu
tak ingin aku lupa kenangan yang tercipta
belikan aku diari ku tulis setiap hari

belikan aku diari ku tulis setiap hari
belikan aku diari ku tulis setiap hari

belikan aku diari ku tulis setiap.. haarii..

(jazz guitar solo fades away..)<---wrote by michelle too.

Diari seorang lelaki. The song and the lyric quite nice.

since i cant find the lyric anyway so i just take it from her. She now going her training (as require by her company Schlumberger) perhaps in oslo but somewhere oversea lah.

aiyo cant wait graduate and work with mnc.....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

geOphySics rOcks!

Just now i found some of my pic during my 2nd year doing fieldcamp at Pekan, Pahang. It just a a rondom pic though. ah miss miss the old times, but i cant wait to graduate already.

thats it, the last pic were taken in geo lab.

Friday, July 07, 2006

rose ah...

You Are a White Rose

You represent youthfulness and purity.

Your vibe: Sweet and heavenly

Falling in love with you: is like falling in love for the first time

Thursday, July 06, 2006

just craping around

yesterday morning, i was so irritated, i wasnt finish surfing the net, there are whole lots of thing i want to do back then. OMG he turn off his pc, causing the pc that i use dc from internet. pukima cibai lah! so i decided to fill in my boring morning wif a walk. well i plan to do so, but only after i finish surf. damn lah. so i take a walk around my hostel area. on my way, i met this ah mong kia (goodlooking guy) so i hold the lift for him lor, then he said "terima kasih". "so he pick up some local (malay) word" i said in my mind. but i wish i didnt look so pale or the not so nice look of a person that had a sleepless nite infront of him. (and i curi curi tengok at him a bit hahaha). well i wish...... let ur wild imagination imagine hehe

so after finishing the walk (i even imagining my fren and i went to the nearby durian orchard and take the durians. oh i love durian)then i watch the breaksfirst show. it been long time i didnt watch the show.oh dapnhe iking (watever the spelling lah) today turn 28 ( one of the show presenter) and i do agree if she join the miss malaysia world contest. then i finish the tbs at 10.00am. when back to my room, and then sleep. wake up in the evening, play dota 4 awhile then get ready to go to swimm again. p/s i didnt sleep at nite. oh ya on the way to the pool i meet the ah mong kia again haha.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Monday, July 03, 2006

I spend quite sometimes before i found any website that had Johann Pachelbel's Canon. And finally i got the link. some songs are not up to my standard and had many versions. but i love this canon. dont you think matt? thanks for playing it for me live. Really appreciate it. Hontoni Arigatou!

What does matter?

I got this from a friend....very nice

My father asked if I am gay,
I said, Does it Matter?
He said, No not really,
I Said, Yes
He said, Get out of my house.
I guess it mattered.

My friend asked if I am gay,
I said, Does it matter?
He said, no not really,
I said, Yes,
He said; don't call me your friend.
I guess it mattered.

My boss asked if I am gay,
I said Does it matter?
He said no not really,
I said Yes,
He said, You're fired faggot.
I guess it mattered.

My lover asked if I love him,
I said Does it matter?
He said Yes.
I told him, I love you,
He said, Let me hold you in my arms.
For the first time in my life something matters.

My God asked me, Do you love yourself?
I said Does it matter?
God said, Yes.
I said, How can I love myself? I am gay
God said, This is the way I have made you.
Nothing again will ever matter

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rhapsody #3 : All dogs go to heaven

Human sometimes like dog. Not because of dog eat dog world although it seems to be true in concrete jungle, but i rather talking about different perspective. Everybody that ever had a dog as a pet knows that dog are easily attached and can become very loyal. I guess thats is why they (the dog) known as man best's friends. Yeah they are easily get attached to you if u treated them with tender care. I still remember when i was a kid, my grandparent keep a dog as a pet. Maybe because they know i like dogs very much. Yes, the dog was brown, sort of like the German Sheperds, but just it is much smaller and typical local dogs. Back when i was kid, i love to play with it. Untill one day or rather during holiday when we balik kampung, my grandparents told me the dog had died. Hardly this is not a sad story so i wasnt crying for the dog, maybe i just feel lonely. After all, my i can go to my grandpa 's younger brother and play with their dogs, since they keep a lot of dogs. Also if their dogs give birth to a new group/band of puppies, i always allowed to pick any that i want. Now back to deceased dog of ours, it rather my grandmother rather disappointed than sad, although i dunnot know much of the reason that time or rather did not understand why she felt that way. It seem because the dog didn't die in our place, the owner, but instead it choose my grandfather younger brother's place to die or in more inlogically romance speaking, the dog spend his last day not with our family as we own the dog, but spend his day on other people place instead. Thats why my grandmother feel disappointed. Perhaps it sound stupid, but i guess now i can understand my grandmother feeling. Yes, we adopted the dog or we took it from my grandfather brother's place. It seems that the dog went back to where he from, but there no such things. It just that, they way my grandfather brother's family treat the dog are different from us. In our family like to some other people also,they put a restrictition to where the dog can go, or how it behave in your house. However they treated their dogs differently, the dogs are more free-er to move in their house, even the dogs sometimes put it front legs onto the dining table, it still acceptable to them. It not their family doesnt practise any hygenic stuff, but rather they use to be like that. If it in our family, we only let the dog enter at kitchen but not into dining area. So in the end, because my grandfather brother's family treated the dogs with more tender, the dogs finally become more attached to them eventhough we keep the dogs since it birth, or atleast till it can leave his mother. Sounds like biased towards their family, but that can't be helped. Maybe it just a dog. But the my point here is, treat someone nicely especially someone that hold a special position to us. Not that someone will go to other person if the other person treated them better than us, but sometimes we took things for granted and it might be to late for us when we realize it. It never hurt to be on the safe side. As for the dog, we do keep another dog after that, lesson learned there but we didnt take it seriously though. And for all the dogs that we kept, i wish all dogs go to heaven!