Friday, November 24, 2006

"Fuck nice..." (2nd)

I got headache now and the panadols that i've taken doesnt help either. Too many things on my mind. The ass-signment, trip to KL this Sunday, err what else..? Hurm hurm....i dont know; certainly a lots of thing in my mind at the moment and it seems I can't think straight. Hell yeah did i forget that i'm gay? LOL. The trip to kl doesnt seem to excite me, well there are nothing much to excite about honestly, just a conference where we can meet our future employer; which make me wonder how soon can i join this forces of evil err... workforce i mean. And i doubt i will have fun either. Well dont want to be so skeptic about all of this but hey it just can't be helped. (And i dont know what im ranting about honestly) I really should get my ass (or dick) a life! But until that time to come i'll sit here in the dark(exaggerating) alone and wait for that time to come and say "Fuck nice..."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Fuck nice...."- Debbie Grassi

Well for those who been watching QAF or big fan of it, they perhaps familiar with this quote by Debbie Grassi. Well she say this on one of her finest moment (as told by friend and i dont remember which scene). What i'm trying to say here is ever since i finish my exam, about a week ago; 5 days to be exact, i been like sort of lost or rather empty.I know, I know, i should be in celebration mood right now, but it just that i feel it just not right or something has lost and i need to fine what ever it is to make me feel complete. Love? Oh please, it is not bout that, it is something else. Purpose or perhaps it is because I been surrounded by graduated people looking for job. Well me myself suppose to join that big band of job seeker myself, but since i havent fullfill and have to repeat some bloody-susah-nak-mampus paper,I guess I have to past that moment and I have one more semester to go! I hope. On the other hand I do feel that i'm not ready. Urgh!! I really hate those feeling. I hate school! I hate exam! Damn such pain in the ass. And i cant wait for the moment where I'm gonna say "Fuck nice...".

By the way, I've hit the lowest of all time testosterone! And really no mood for sex.
I should get a life!Damn i hate "it" when it happen to me! Anyway i dont know how to define IT here.....Anyone got any idea?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The "Un-" series

I woke this afternoon, once again unmotivated, planning to go to library but i'm so lazy to move my ass. And the un-xxx week for me especially after my remote sensing paper. Un-motivated(ofcourse),un-well(luckyly i didnt fell sick),un-gay(urgh please come my SUPER GORGEOUS EYE CANDY customer),and un-enthusiastic, almost for everything(blogs,mail,chat,irc,etc). Argh where had the b***h (muse) gone? Exam sure makes people go crazy! Still one more paper to go.And for the past 3 days i've been doing nothing but more gaming.sigh. And when i arrive in work place i found someone installed RO in one of the pc!!!!!Damn! feel like wanna play again after quiting RO long time ago.
On my way, i could see the water vapor evaporating to the cloud above it, probably from the sea or it just merely lower cloud's particle, moving upward and creating a larger forgot what name cloud. It going to rain and it wont be just a shower.i could hear the sound of thunder. and i hate it. Guys are likely 4 times higher to struck by a lightning compare to gals. And since most students finish their exam already, leaving uni like a ghost town. Not many people around, and even if there people around they must be siting infront of their study table, reading, memorising formula, deriving equations etc. etc. I wish i could pick up their brain and i wont have much trouble doing my exam. Probably if i could perform the "mind transfer jutsu" (Naruto influence) to one of the brainy student, it would be great muahaha!

Argh such a pain in the ass!

Friday, November 03, 2006

"Spell of Schizo"

i did the unthinkable. went dota day before my exam where i should put my effort on studying. and what more crazy was, i searchin for a spell (think of Charmed or Harry Potter i u had to)and eventually i did found one. A spell that to make u pass the exam and a spell that boost up ur confident level. But i modified a bit and make it more ryhme, atleast to what i can think for suit the first line.
muahahaha. i think the door of tg rambutan open wide for me hahaha