Monday, October 30, 2006


The will is strong, but my flesh begging for more weekend off. I guess working during holiday kinda make me exhausted, both physically and mentally. not to mention an event that change your life forever. Infact every event that happen change our life. Which directions we are going to take nexts. It's been 3 weeks since the fatefull morning i might say, and life would be much different if it does not happen.

Yeah, every single things that happens in our life (my life actually) wether getting a cute greeting sms or e-mail from the very best old friend (smiled), meeting new people, a 'fight' with customer (believe me i'm such a pain-in-the-ass cashier-boy muahaha) or even the song that touched your heart or an anime that really make u laugh for the whole day, it really give an effect to our daily life wether we notice it or not. Ok i might my say my mood a bit mellow (morelikely a mixed between sorrow and joy), but when a SUPER GORGEOUS customer enter just now, with that blur innoncent looking of him looking for a person in charge -me-since i didnt sit at the front desk- i say to myself:"God please make me gay again"

It doesnt take an Einstein's brain to guess what he wanted which i hope more than a printing service *evil smile*. Purposely taking the thumb-drive with my palm so my hand can touches his hand-same trick when i hand over the thumb drive again-and re do the setting of the printer so he can stay next to me longer-all it takes to enjoy short moment with him. And when he ask for the price, instead of saying kiss me and you'll get it f-o-c.i said "20cent" and give him that puppy eye and cutey smile to him. Watching him went out to the door before he disappear from my sight, i told myself this is kind of guy that i would like to fall in love at first sight (lost my word here). It such a sweet feeling, and it takes only one person to do so.

There are 6 billion people in this world. 6 billion souls. And sometimes, only 1 person that would change our life completely.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

When It Falls Apart....

"Tell (me) what do you do when it all falls apart
Gotta pick myself up, where do I start
Cause I can't turn to you when it all falls apart"

dunno where it all starts
and i believe in your words
i think to myself, am i a fool?

when it rain it pours
i'm confuse, issit a blessing or is it crying on behalf of me?
Tell (me) what do you do when it all falls apart...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

viande morte

ok lets face it, im a dead meat.viande morte!
last friday test, i know i'm a dead meat.
yay! lets roll on the floor and dance like an old perv out of his med!
one more to go.
and you failed one!
oh who gives a fuck!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Shit happens

Just b4, i feel so unmotivated, but now im just mad, geram. Do i jump back into how i feel just now, so i can write the same thing? Urgh, i feel like wanna bite the button that has make my life shittier. oh god! This post was suppose to be something nice (atleast better than this) urgh...............

and the radio just so boring. they keep playing the same song every hour! 50 minutes of non stop music and for the next 50 minutes they are playing the same fucking song!!!!!! the only thing that keep me listening to that radio station (apart from the radio is quite far from where i sit and i'm just too lazy to move my ass) is their super hot DJ.

Hot DJ!

Hot enough to cool me down.^^!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


My friend m@d-d0gZz and matt complaining about into another dimension thing. Well u right. so lets move on to calculus then. can u solve it like this?

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I dont know why, but today i feel i just wanna dissapear into another dimension.Or atleast make me invisible.Put me somewhere but here. Six feet under, burn me in the desert, or chill me at the artic cold. Or fly me to a place full of Bavarian's people.

And then come the lust.................................
for a beer, chocolate, grilled chicken, fried pork, french fries, BigMac, oh yah it include wine. I'm just thirsty.

Someone bring me a glass of beer please!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Dream Rhapsody

Last weekend was like a dream.Today when i wake up, i feel like i'm back to real world(u r indeed in a real world, dreamer!). And i hate the feeling. Feels like everything so wrong, feels like you witness something so horrible like a murder or something.Feel so unlucky. Yeah i'm the supersticious one, like MyLuckyStar said. Perhaps wrong side of the bed. i hope so. I hate it when it starts with a good dream and end with bad dream. Yeah shit does happen. Could it be any shittier????? And I wake up late today, very very late(5.30pm!)And I sleep late too.Dun ask bout class.

Luckily you (MyLuckyStar) wasn't any part of my dream, even good ones. Because if u are, i defenitely wont meet you again.And i'm glad that u r part of real life. And i hope you stay a bit longer(^^). Oh please listen to this song.