Sunday, December 31, 2006

Any Given Sunday

Ok here is it. The last day of the week , the last day of the month, and also the last day of the year. Leaving this day with a big bang, sound like a nice plan also. Its tripple celebration. Sunday Trinity hahaha. A perfect end for a not so perfect year.

So gotta make a new year resolution guys. Tripple new year resolution muahahahaha.

1. Get drunk

2.Get thrown out of da club (seriously)

3.Get laid (muahahahaha pervert!)

Okokokok. Just kidding with the list above. Time to get the ass seriously on something big dont cha think?

1. Graduate. Graduate. Graduate (pass the exam ofcourse)

2.Pass the interview with PGS or any oil related company (hopefully/after graduating ofcourse) <---- high ambition huh

3.Win more Dota ha ha ha.

Till then see ya next year!

Friday, December 29, 2006

world wide wait as they said

Yesterday being so left behind in the news, my English lecturer telling us that he read in the news, a recent earthquake in Taiwan has cause the undersea cable to broke and it is said it takes at least 2 weeks for them to repair it. And this cause the internet connection speed has slowed down. It is said that the internet connection in Taiwan and Japan had recover to a normal rate but South East Asian region still experience the slow internet connection tho they said the situation been improving. Well when i discuss bout the earthquake with two other my (straight) friend, all that they care "Is JerryC alright. Gotta check his website. Ha Ha." Duh >.< by the way JerryC is a talented Taiwanese composer (he is the one that compose the Canon rock version) not to mentioned he considerably goodlooking as well.
Damn really should read more newspaper these day ha ha.

Speaking bout English class, i have two-well u can say considerable hot-Finlish (how do you call someone from Finland anyway) guy in my class. And the red-haired girl wasn't that bad looking. My first time seeing someone that naturally red head. I mean those that i have seen are fake (coloured), and this one are real. Authentic. You know what i mean. Well there always first time for everything rite.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Vamp, The Straight, The School, The Huddled

how fast thing can change unexpectedly. i always told myself to expect the unexpected. tho i still manage to escape from getting hurt to much, but still you can feel the pain.

Last night, after moving two of my boxes only to find that my Harry Potter and Dan Brown book were stolen.Anger, frustration, grieve all mixed into one making me more exhausted than ever. My biological clock ticking faster than before, turning myself into a vampire again, unfinished assignment, the busiest semester i ever had, tho some paper that i took dont have final means 100% course work, but it still make me tired. As i sit next to my friend last night after finish moving my boxes, suddenly i said " I think i gonna quit being a gay!" And he say "what?" Surprised. Though i shall not resist guy like Wang Lee Hom or Drew Fuller for god sake, other than that, it take more effort to make me become gay again. Oh not to forget that super eye candilicous. Plus there was this girl that i found yesterday and she remind me of that Song hye-gyo girl (of Full House and Autumn in my heart) with a Brasilian tanned style skin. Gosh.... Love at first sight? hell no ha ha.... But she definitely gorgeous. Plus i really not in the mood for festive season this year. And my (straight) friend asking me to go clubbing this Christmas. Probably will go for the "Green fairies" . Still two days more for Christmas, i still went around and saying "OMG it Christmas already. I didnt realize it!" The truth is i really didnt realize it. Probably I'm just tired and lonely. Ah I cant believe I'm feel like this. Vulnerable when I think I'm strong. Lonely when i have a lot of people around me. Tired even after i get 8 hours of sleep. Straight when I feel so gay. Wrong when I feel I'm right.

Event of motionless...


Love probably didnt come in a box.

but surely one can find it at door step.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A busy start

Its been awhile i didnt update my blog and look like there is something wrong my chatterbox. Too busy tho to fix it. i guess it already serve it purpose and it time for it to be remove ha ha. And ofcourse i didnt forget bout my senior JL, just how to contact you? LOL. I have few of graduated friend ofcourse.

Today is the first day of the semester, and the first class of the day is already canceled.Is this is a good thing or what. Anyhow it gonna be a damn busy semester. Few of my coleague are quiting their job already, hmm i wonder why it something bad always happen when something good is on the run. I mean i'm gonna miss my coleague la. Anyway as the school start i guess i not gonna think much about it. Furthermore its going to be a busy semester indeed. But surely this will happen he he...

p/s: a picture of my junior. He is cute isnt he? hehe

Monday, December 04, 2006

Open out/Black out Day

I really need a break. This even more tiring than the KL trip last week. I thought today gonna be my open day, as in telling my colleague who am i really am. I know i know why the sudden rush or should i just keep the secret. But i think last night he really knew about it, but still he keep it quite and act as everything is normal, which i am very grateful for that. But still it the second time he, err how to put it... catch me? But the word catch wasnt appropriate for this kind of situation, hmm really cant think of a suitable word which indicate i need a proper rest and need to study my English more hu hu (T.T). But as i planned to tell it today, another thing happen. It did cause some sort of disturbance in our normal routine day, black out! So we have to close for awhile tho, but still there are a little incident behind the scene sigh, but because of that everything turn up side down. Not literally, so it really such a crap. Looks like i have to find another proper time to tell him. Sigh.....

KL Dawn

Another thing when i check my blog today, honestly I'm surprised when i saw the comment leave by JL. Hmm another surprise!!! And he describe the whole event accurately, the booth, the event, the deco. Whoah, lucky no heart attack. I turn that i found another of his comment on Dr. Paul's blog. Hmm Straight guy dont read his blog rite, and as far i'm concern, only "partner in rainbow crime" read this crap blog hehe. So JL (Jason Lo, ohh or Jennifer Lopez hehe, or Jennifer Love) no offence just kidding, hehe. Not as a participant, probably speaker for presentation, LOL or i might even walk past him without me or he himself notice it or probably he is one of the people i speak with at the booth.Come to think of it, I didnt visit much booth thou i manage to get quite a number of name card ha ha. CGG, Schlumberger,Petronas, Veritas,most of the big name that I've ever heard are not on my list of booth that i visited.Just went to the less heard company one. I.e Talisman (that remind me of Dota ofcourse), PGS, Fugro, etc etc. Hey i got talisman umbrella, for being the first visitor hehe. But whoever is he, he is my sempai, and i should give a full respect to my sempai. Who knows he might be the one who interview me ha ha. Such a small world. Oh if u reading this i'm fine thank you.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm back...

The trip to kl was tiring and i didnt expect the Geo-conference turn to be that great.Well been thinking a lot before went to the conference and all, i guess i worried too much even before the thing has happen. I think its a good platform for student to get close to the industry and to get to know their future employee, and since we located so far in the northern part of this country it is a chance that any student shouldn't let go.

The conference indeed is fun, and it turn to be more than i expected. Ofcourse there were talk and booth of various company for us to visit, but i thought it would be 80% old geezers talking bout this and that.(One of our lecturer paper was presented on the 1st day.) I guess i'm wrong then, the conference was full of young people and not to mention some of them are hot indeed.Some of them are really hunk and i couldn't believe it, to think that there is hot G in the industry ha ha. By the way G is initial for those who work in the industry such as D for Doctor, E for Engineer. Ha ha i think if the conference were to be held longer, i think my eye would be "rosak" already. There are consider a lot of eye candy, not to mention some of them are in HR department, so i guess it an important task to woo-ing them haha. Just kidding...

What make the the whole conference thing more better is the presence of a very enjoyable friend to hang out with. It would be a boring event if it wasnt because of that particular person(him ofcourse). I must admit being a super senior wasn't fun at all, but the sporting junior has made it all more merrier. Well ofcourse we have to be friendly in the first place ha ha. Oh by the way, as i expected there is people been talking abut me. I wanna say bad-mouth-ing or kutuk me but it were quite true aswell. I admit that i've been a bit of lalai or being a bit irresponsible in my task as the V.P of this particular club, but hell i dun care that much, probably i shouldnt put it on my resume but i think i've got a bad impression from certain lecturer. Argh!!!! Anyway i still got one more semester to prove that they are wrong and kick their ass. Can i? (My confidence a bit shattered)

Anyway i managed to buy the book that i've been lookin for. Just read a few chapter and i glad that i bought the book. Will talk bout it again once i finish read the book. (however the book quite thin? so i think i'll finish it in short time)

Ahh so tired, and feel a bit sleepy. I guess i stop here tho. Alfie-chan thanks for accompany me hehe. Really enjoy it. alfie-chan ありがとう!!