Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rhapsody #3 : All dogs go to heaven

Human sometimes like dog. Not because of dog eat dog world although it seems to be true in concrete jungle, but i rather talking about different perspective. Everybody that ever had a dog as a pet knows that dog are easily attached and can become very loyal. I guess thats is why they (the dog) known as man best's friends. Yeah they are easily get attached to you if u treated them with tender care. I still remember when i was a kid, my grandparent keep a dog as a pet. Maybe because they know i like dogs very much. Yes, the dog was brown, sort of like the German Sheperds, but just it is much smaller and typical local dogs. Back when i was kid, i love to play with it. Untill one day or rather during holiday when we balik kampung, my grandparents told me the dog had died. Hardly this is not a sad story so i wasnt crying for the dog, maybe i just feel lonely. After all, my i can go to my grandpa 's younger brother and play with their dogs, since they keep a lot of dogs. Also if their dogs give birth to a new group/band of puppies, i always allowed to pick any that i want. Now back to deceased dog of ours, it rather my grandmother rather disappointed than sad, although i dunnot know much of the reason that time or rather did not understand why she felt that way. It seem because the dog didn't die in our place, the owner, but instead it choose my grandfather younger brother's place to die or in more inlogically romance speaking, the dog spend his last day not with our family as we own the dog, but spend his day on other people place instead. Thats why my grandmother feel disappointed. Perhaps it sound stupid, but i guess now i can understand my grandmother feeling. Yes, we adopted the dog or we took it from my grandfather brother's place. It seems that the dog went back to where he from, but there no such things. It just that, they way my grandfather brother's family treat the dog are different from us. In our family like to some other people also,they put a restrictition to where the dog can go, or how it behave in your house. However they treated their dogs differently, the dogs are more free-er to move in their house, even the dogs sometimes put it front legs onto the dining table, it still acceptable to them. It not their family doesnt practise any hygenic stuff, but rather they use to be like that. If it in our family, we only let the dog enter at kitchen but not into dining area. So in the end, because my grandfather brother's family treated the dogs with more tender, the dogs finally become more attached to them eventhough we keep the dogs since it birth, or atleast till it can leave his mother. Sounds like biased towards their family, but that can't be helped. Maybe it just a dog. But the my point here is, treat someone nicely especially someone that hold a special position to us. Not that someone will go to other person if the other person treated them better than us, but sometimes we took things for granted and it might be to late for us when we realize it. It never hurt to be on the safe side. As for the dog, we do keep another dog after that, lesson learned there but we didnt take it seriously though. And for all the dogs that we kept, i wish all dogs go to heaven!