Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Random thought

yes i read perez

Ok i might be Catholic but I dont have to agree with the pope! Yes the pope! He currently issueing that man need to be saved from gays!

Borrowing the words of my favourite author, Paulo Coelho; "...this new pope is a disaster, to put it plainly....we'll survive this pope."

Horrible is the new adorable

Just as i found bitter is the new sweet, it doesnt sound strange if i say that horrible is the new adorable. And kim dong wan is the new william hung.

damn santa stole my present. but atleast i got this utterly adorable video for christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

This One Santa I want for Christmas!

Christmas is definitely 3 days away. Somehow it doesnt really excite me this year. Totally not in the mood for christmas. How I wish this hunky Santa would came and deliver present on Christmas' Eve itself (and stay overnite) haha.

People here must be lucky.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"disco disco good good"


1. i'm dead bored. sometimes i felt like i'm a walking zombie. blame it on the moon too. felt unmotivated, unspirited, energyless. its not like moody pms tho, it like a constant moodless period over time. got nothing to do either. friendster sucks, facebook does not amuse me either.

it make heroes seem uninteresting (not to mention this gotta be the suckiest heroes season ever). not to mention the seem lost prison break over their syclla. spring cleaning doesnt help either. randomly i just delete people that i didnt know in my friend list-both friendster and facebook.

2. At night I couldnt help but eavesdropping two daddies swaping spit i mean stories about their own breed-unintentionally since they are infront of me. The two daddies pretty much ok in term of look-not that hideous nor that hot DILF, but i would pretty say acceptable. Not everyone are Brad Pittlicous.

Daddy A: Sometimes I really pity my second child. Why not, coz he seems to get his brother left over.

Daddy B: Yeah me too. The situation is the same. I still remember about my 1st born son. When he came (to this world literally), he was lavished with all the goodness. His grandfather spend a fortune for him.

Daddy A nodded his head. " Yeah. But then come the second one everything seems to cool down. They just get his big bro left over.

Daddy B: It always like that. My 3rd child also receive the same treatment. It like up and down.

After paying for what it seems like items for their kids they left the counter and heading out of the mall till they gone out of sight.

I dont know which is sexier, two daddies shopping together or the fact that they are shopping together.

3.On different notes, i see a lots of break-up around... but that is another day.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

boys, beers and balls

boys notes:
hmm i was wondering wats better than sittin with your friend watching football match. well probably a good sex or driving insanely fast sports car.

beer notes:
suddenly my housemate said "hey lets drink beer."

"good idea" said another. "dont forget mine is carlsberg special brew ya" add another.

and i was wondering what was the occasion, but it seems to be none. what the heck! anyway one doesnt need the reason to drink dont they....

balls notes:
a bottle of beer, and a football match. its double kill combination for some. and we watch 20 balls chasing one ball while another two balls trying their best to catch the one ball. confuse? dont be.

that nite we watch Arsenal 1-0 victory over Wigan. And my Arsenal fanatic friends smile all the way to his bed.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

All i want for christmas....

yup its the real brokeback mountain to turn back time.

everytime when someone ask me what did i study back in university, i've always told them that i was from physics school. i rather not tell them that i'm a geophysics graduate who still unemployed by oil and gas company. and the geophysics word would raise the eyebrows of many. it is a strange word for some. some even thought that "oh that is that sort of geography+physics thingy where when u graduate u will teach either geography or physics isnt it?" err...that made mw speechless, not until i explained to them its actually from the word geology+physics hence became geophysics, even so i have to tell them it is an earth science course. then followed by the long "ooooo...".

back then i really had the vague idea of what this course would offer-except for the fact that this discipline would lead one directly to oil and gas industry. i never thought that i would get this course as senior back then often told you that your 1st choice of UPU form would not be the course that u would took for the rest of your university life. so i design that the geology course that i want, i put it in the middle of the list of my UPU form. well who knows, such strategy would lead me to penang instead of to kl-due to the course of course.after nearly flop the 1st year, which lead me to extend the study-few times i wanna change my course but i stick to geophysics till the end.

for those who doesnt know, geophysics is a study of geology with lots of mathematical concepts. The word geophysics itself is derived from a combination of two words geology and physics. lots of lots of mathematical concept. the geology is there, but it come with mathematical concept and understanding. thus your final year paper would likely to consist of lots of lots of equation rather than 3 pages long essay. ok i admit, the 3 pages long essay would help too. its neither easy or hard course. as my senior once told me, this is a do or die course. nothing in between. unfortunately i had to agree with him at some point.

as we gonna celebrate the coming year with rather gloomy expression and the job market rather look grim especially with the down falling of the oil price(something that me myself predicted)and lots of company, oil and gas included freeze their employment-jeez thanks grinch for stealing the early christmas feeling-left one rather wondering. or me wondering how would the year of 2009 would look like. at some point, i sometimes wishing that i put geology course on top of my UPU list instead of this unknown mathematically infested geophysics course...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Random thought

but now i'm sad and alone. i'm going to become bitter and distrustfull of people because one person betrayed me. i'm going to hate those who have found their treasures because i never found mine and i'm going to hold on to what little i have, because i'm too insignificant to conquer the world.

.........and so the alchemist said.