Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm thinking off posting another thing, but i change my mind, well lets say i'll keep it or maybe i'm just too lazy to wite bout it. As this morning i didnt sleep again and i'm a bit reluctant to go to class especially it start at 8.00am. Gosh i couldnt wake up if i were sleeping. Anyway it is an English class, remember my English lecturer i told about? yeah his class. And ofcourse being late to the class the only seat that available is front seat. Well what ever, another good view (actually it really a VERY damn good view). Trust me when i say it, but ofcourse i have to control myself so it wont be so obvious that i'm staring at him (my lecturer). I realize that he has a very nice kiss-able lips. Smooth and erm.... not so gorgeous but i bet that lips is worth it i mean for u to kiss ha ha *smooooch*. i wish i have a cam-phone.Oh today he wearing that Brokeback-ish shirt again!

Damn i'm so tired rite now, thank god no customer tonight. It been a tiring week. Especially on Wednesday. The nightmare starts from that day. The Sophomores are busy talking bout their interview with Petronas, while some final year students are excited about an interview with Schlumberger. Not to mention another pain-in-the-ass-ignment. Well have to dig back all the old books and notes bout well log, geology and seismic especially. Yeah, without seismic we are zero!

Well enough bout school.

Lately, i've met a lots of my old friends virtually through fs. So it kinda bring back all the sweet memory during sweet age. However, what more important is today i receive a message in my fs, and it from someone that is so dear to me someone that i called MyLuckyStar in mh hp directory.A friend that i know during my matriculation. Well too short for love but too deep for fling. As the semester ends (during my matriculation) so do our relationship. Well....on the very last day i was there, i lost my phone for god sake! And we lost contact. However today, because the LadyLuck perhaps, he accidentally find me and msg me. Chatted for awhile (or replying each other msgs actually). To be honest there are times that i think of him and miss him ha ha. But that was kinda long time ago. But who knews what future might holds for us. So it's good to get in touch with u back sunchine! Really is.........

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Kyle said...

Waaaahh, your lucky star ar? So beautiful~!!