Friday, September 29, 2006


I'm thinking off posting another thing, but i change my mind, well lets say i'll keep it or maybe i'm just too lazy to wite bout it. As this morning i didnt sleep again and i'm a bit reluctant to go to class especially it start at 8.00am. Gosh i couldnt wake up if i were sleeping. Anyway it is an English class, remember my English lecturer i told about? yeah his class. And ofcourse being late to the class the only seat that available is front seat. Well what ever, another good view (actually it really a VERY damn good view). Trust me when i say it, but ofcourse i have to control myself so it wont be so obvious that i'm staring at him (my lecturer). I realize that he has a very nice kiss-able lips. Smooth and erm.... not so gorgeous but i bet that lips is worth it i mean for u to kiss ha ha *smooooch*. i wish i have a cam-phone.Oh today he wearing that Brokeback-ish shirt again!

Damn i'm so tired rite now, thank god no customer tonight. It been a tiring week. Especially on Wednesday. The nightmare starts from that day. The Sophomores are busy talking bout their interview with Petronas, while some final year students are excited about an interview with Schlumberger. Not to mention another pain-in-the-ass-ignment. Well have to dig back all the old books and notes bout well log, geology and seismic especially. Yeah, without seismic we are zero!

Well enough bout school.

Lately, i've met a lots of my old friends virtually through fs. So it kinda bring back all the sweet memory during sweet age. However, what more important is today i receive a message in my fs, and it from someone that is so dear to me someone that i called MyLuckyStar in mh hp directory.A friend that i know during my matriculation. Well too short for love but too deep for fling. As the semester ends (during my matriculation) so do our relationship. Well....on the very last day i was there, i lost my phone for god sake! And we lost contact. However today, because the LadyLuck perhaps, he accidentally find me and msg me. Chatted for awhile (or replying each other msgs actually). To be honest there are times that i think of him and miss him ha ha. But that was kinda long time ago. But who knews what future might holds for us. So it's good to get in touch with u back sunchine! Really is.........

Friday, September 22, 2006

My baby....

Not really mine actually. As there was not really much customer, so i can spend my time surfing the net. It's been awhile i didnt check my friendster. So make it short, as i browsing through my friend list, i come across this pic of my friend. At first i thought that was her new-born cousin or new-born niece or nephew. As i explore more the pic actually her own baby! Aww....... so cute. Really miss all my friends. And the pic, you can feel the joy. Unexplainable but it give u the happy feeling.
Suzy, sorry for posting your ur baby Isaac (what a beautiful name too) picture here without your permission he he(but like i let u know bout this blog he he)Maybe i'll post in my friendster's blog too...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Back to the future (or past)

sometimes i wish to live in the stone age where technologies not available yet. Well to be precise i'm pretty annoyed with some tech today except for the pc and internet infront of me ofcourse. Ah well maybe i'm tired (i sleep less than 2 hour today!. But work still work. Luckyly today no class.

Anyway thanks to kyle for entertaint me with your comments ha ha.
Matt you can just leave comments on the chatbox lah.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Better late than never

I was late to my English class today. I wonder what are they doing as i peek from outside before i enter the class. Being late to class i have no choice but to sit infront. Very close to my lecturer table. Well i can put my eye on this ah mong lecturer.

Speaking bout him, i remember one day he wore the boxes shirts (the one my ex English teache called maths shirt) and he really look like a Brokeback actor. Not that he look like Jake or Heath Ledger (i wish) but the appeareance was too Brokeback-ish. You know what i mean, the whole class i'm thinking of Jake Gyllenhaal. But i think the lecturer is straight. Definitely. Atleast i think lah.

Back to my class- i have been skipping quite many of his classes or 3 classes i think. Anyway during today class as everyone else busy-ing writing an essay, i just cant stop myself from examining his good parts. He was sitting so no special view there ( you know what im talk about ) ha ha. Luckyly i still manage to finish mine aswell. Ha ha i guess better late than never (especially when you have to sit infront and your lecturer is an eye candy).

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And i found my antidote today

Its kinda a bad start today, and im still tired. Lack of rest and not enough sleep as usual i went to my bed around 6.00am today. I spend a few minutes outside, just to see the night-sky before the day. Its so beautiful.... I was amazed even just for awhile.
Like i say today was bad start, and i'm a bit reluctant to go to class which is i thought this class which is ok for me to skip, but it was the other one, the one that i should attend (based on subject difficulty). I was still on my bed when my boss call me and ask me to cover him for awhile at my workplace. I was half awake at that time, so it not so hard for me to control my voice.

"I have class now" I lied. "I'll be there after my class finish. Ok." So i lied back on my bed, i still got 60 minutes more for my to enjoy my "beauty sleep". Finish my bath, taken my lunch, i set myself to my workplace. Still tired thou, with my (almost) panda eye.

Today kinda busy. During my time it always busy and i couldnt help myself. *yawning*
But luckyly i found my antidote. There was this guy (my customer) and he kinda hot! Atleast there is something for me too see. I think he is from chemistry school. Yeah he sure give me the "chemistry" today.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fat Rhapsody (Saturday Morning)

Fat fat fat. Everyone hate fat. Hate of becoming overweight. Tell me who enjoy being fat? But what most annoying is fat people attitude. I hate to mention it and it really against my policy to talk bad bout other people (unless they did something curseable to me) but i guess i can give myself an exception on this. I'm not that nice. They (fat people) such a negative energy bringer. You could feel the aura of negativity when they enter the atmosphere. I admit not all are like that-as they can be cheery and playful (gross). However, im not going to give them any credit, atleast here. I could give you a few examples.

1. If u a fan of The Apprentice, you'll see there is one overweight, sharp tounge, think he is right fat ass lawyer.Nobody in his team enjoy his company. Seriously.He couldnt get along with anybody. He was fired on the 3rd or 4th week. I couldnt remember it. But i remember this line: "Brent, you're fired," said Trump. "Out. Over. Go!"

2. Well it is fine cool Saturday morning as me and my colleague starts the bussines. (Well our boss trust us to do the opening). Guess what, our first customer is fat, fat, and fat. Being so out and loud in this peaceful morning. Shut up! Have anyone told you that silence is golden. Well from the first glimpse i already know what kind of person he is and its proven. Think he knows it all bla bla.

3. Huh do i need to mention more???? I think is enough liou.

Well perhaps i'm a bit tired,not enough sleep, lack of rest that cause my sensor to become over sensitive this morning. Well this is beautiful Saturday morning, and I shouldnt bother myslef with it anymore. More to come as it still early. Hopefully it will ends beautifully too, just like this morning that i had.

Monday, September 11, 2006

To wear or not to wear....

as we walk home last night, talking nonsense except for our BIG losing today, at one point i ask one of my friend-since he love sms-ing with various girls that he woo-ing, "what are you gonna do with them? What benefit did you got?" said me-ofcourse what i mean is you still havent fuck the girl.

He replied "We'll take it slow and easy buddy. I'll get it but not here."

Sorry this definitely straight thing, so no homosexual jokes gonna be said here. Ha ha. As sex definitely an interesting topic to talk about. Always. So we come to the part wether to wear condom or not. And me ofcourse insisting on using condom espeacially for one night stands. Hey for safety reason right, and both of my friend saying that condom making the sex feel less sensation.

"Well thin condom are available on market now. So it wont effect the feeling or the sensation" said me.

"No, Josh it still got different. You dont know bah" said one of ma friend.
(at this point, deep in ma mind i say- how would you know i dont have any experience. Eherm... my dirty little secret!)

Well i still insist that " No, it doesn't effect that much what. You still can enjoy the sex"

"Later you kena AIDS baru tau"

Another friend say "Who ask you to fuck a bitch. That one ofcourselah will got AIDS one."

"We go for virgin lah" the other said.

"How do you know they virgin or not?" -if they were virgin, they wont give it easily. Only bitch do that.

"We check-lar down there" Ha ha, the three of us laughing.

As we almost reached our hostel, three of us lost into another dimension. Each one of us with whatever thing in our mind.Upon our conversation, to be honest i'm kinda shock because both of them do not know the important of safe sex or atleast the need of 'it'. In this contect of conversation-condom. When i read the article about the knowledge of young Malaysian regarding this issue (in Axcest) i wasn't sure about it justifiable. It is hard to believe that despite all the effort especially done by the local NGO and goverment aswell doesnt reach our youngsters!

Gosh this trully terrifying. No wonder AIDS spreading almost exponentially in Asia. Perhaps it sound like i'm exaggerating, but it never hurt to be on safe side.

I guess only the enlighten knows. (Smile to Derek ^___^)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Azzurri, my love......

I was watching Carrie Underwood video music when a customer approach me which i tot at 1st she wanna pay.

Customer: Excuse me, do you got bathroom(restroom) here. I need to use bathroom. Thanks.

Me: Yeah sure. You can use the bathroom at the barber shop there (place where i'm working is same level with the barber shop)

and i show her where the bathroom. She still hesitated to go because she dont know that my place and the barber shop share the same restroom (you see the place where i work only use half of the place-the other half belong to the barber shop).

She ask the people in the barber shop

Customer: Can i use the bathroom here? The (pointing at me)...

I guess people at barber shop cant speak English (the customer actually a Caucasian with a kinda cute slang-British actually)

Me: Dia nak pakai tandas.

Oooo... they just nodded their head.

So she do her thing and me back to my job.

Few mins later she aproach me back (after she finish do whatever she need to do) i was still listening to Carrie with headphone ofcourse i wasnt realize she was at my back. She trying to call me few times before i realize she is there.

"I wanna pay" she said.

And i was like "oh ok. I'm sorry. I didnt realize you were there."

I went to the counter "emmm RM5.80 total."

She checking her purse-taking out 4 RM1 notes, looking for somemore notes.

" I only have RM4" she looking at me and trying to give RM50 notes.

"Sorry i dont have small changes" as I'm staring at the cash box. I know it not enough for her change.

"Oh.. i have an idea, why dont i check my coins. Let we see" she saids.

Taking a small transparent plastic from her bag, which is almost full of coins. Finally she manage to get two 50cent coins and four 20cent coins. Allright it enough.

Before she when back, i have a chat with her.She actually an Italian, studying in Britian before and now she is doing her Phd on what subject-i dont know, i didnt ask her. No wonder her English is so purfect. As i ask her bout her national football team which is lost to France 3-1. Oh no my Azuri, what has happen to you. But atleast the won the World Cup. We both sad with the lost,since I am an Italian supporter too! But well as she said "At least they wont World cup"

And i just replied back with a smile, watching her went to door before she vanished from my eyes. Yes indeed, atleast they won (World Cup).

I think i just like my job more and more.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I thought i came to work kinda late today-i forgot that i set my watch 10 mins earlier than normal times. Well i always can surf the internet first before i start my work.

It kinda weird,and i dont know why-i feel a bit lost today.Maybe because I sleep very late last nite. Or to be precise i sleep this morning and spend ma whole day sleeping. So unlikely people of this side of the world. This week it seem that i'm back into my old vampiric lifestyle. More bloody nites, more merciless killing, more winning streak. Ha ha.

So while waiting, i open my msn and see who online. It 6 pm something on this side of the world and not many people online or put busy/away on their status (whatever).
Browse punya browse, i saw this friend (Martin of Quantum Entanglement-correct me if the spelling is wrong)and i click on him and start our conversation. It roughly like this lor as i can recall it

Me: Hi

Martin:Hi, how r ya?

Me: Fine thank you. but i feel kinda lost into another dimension today.

Martin: Why? I'm bout leaving to work

Me: Wrong side of the bed i guess.
Oic okok. <---at this time i still forgot that he actually on the other side of the world

Me(again):Do u believe that there is other us in (at this point i reget i didn't save our conversation just now) another dimension? Just like in the tv series The Sliders

Martin: In modern physics there is possible another universe. I wish i could go into dimension where im rich.

Me: Ha ha. Everybody wants thats. Yup, its possible. Stephen Hawking did say so( he actually writes an essay bout possiblity of another universe-i think in his book Baby universe and other essay)

Still me: Hey do you have any cool website? I'm bored here. (at this time more customer coming and my boss ask me to do something)

Martin:Let me see. Wait ok....
why dont you try They usually put something new there.
Ok i gtg to work now. Nice chatting wif you.

When i'm back he already signing out and I still havent thanks him yet.(Thank you)

At this time i do thinks that there are other us in other dimension, and sometimes dream is a window where we can see what other us is doing. Thats why we been meeting someone that we dont know, places we never been before in our dream. Hmm i guess i'm a bit lost today and i feel sort of deja-vu(a friend of mine once told me it is cause by tiredness)

Oh there is a story that i wanna share, but i still cant find any proper words or still dont know how to put it into a word that can really speak my mind. Save it for another times perhaps.

Lost- still isnt a perfect situation

Sunday, September 03, 2006

the prelude

Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened!

this is wat written on the poster: "Let no one who loves be unhappy, even love unreturned has its rainbow." - James M. Barrie