Thursday, May 28, 2009

Me and many ramblings

1. Me and coldness

Damn, the coldness really kill me with despair. I think thats is why people appreciate the warmth for they have been in coldness before. Warmth sometimes lead to annoying heat, but rage and anger definitely more lively. Despair and sadness literally suck the life out of you.

2.Me and home

I guess I'm pretty much engulf with other matters that I almost forgot that I'm going home tomorrow. Yay! Although I'm still not excited about tomorrow travel and I know the background music that suppose to play right now are either Home by Daughtry or Home by Buble. But ever since I heard this Indonesian song "Aku dan Diri Mu" I pretty much cant take it out of my head.Perhaps... because there are a lots of things left unsaid.

3.Me and conclusion

I guess in the end things sometimes doesnt goes out the way we expect it. Sometimes fate on your side, other times, well you pretty mess up. Either way you got to trust whatever suppose to happen will happen. Somehow you’ll always end up with the person you’re mean to be with.

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