Saturday, June 13, 2009

The 100th Rhapsody: Me and Reminiscence of the past.

1.Me and kindness of a stranger.

Well this one mark my 100th post. I think I've been around the block for around since 2006. That 3 years. I wrote somewhere in this blog before that maintaining a blog akin to maintaining a long distance relationship. Indeed it is, as we need to constantly pay a visit and try to write one or two what ever the thing that cross our mind. Nevertheless its 100th post (for my blogspot). So I guess it is best if we wrote something nice.

So to begin the story of this 100th post ( I know it seems like showing off haha), I asked my friend the earlier night to bring me to airport to buy ticket for my mum. After having trouble with the website (unable to pay via direct debit for other party unless we traveling too), the next day my friend and went to the airport so I could by the ticket on sales counter. So when it is my turn, I told the sales-girl/cabin crew about my problem with the sites and why I opt to buy on the counter. She told me that I can use the direct debit method as she did the same for her cousins few days ago, and she promised to show how if I could just waited for awhile. Still I insisted to just buy from the counter but she said that the price gonna be way higher than buying online so I waited. After all I got nothing to lose. So after waited for awhile, she open another online counter for me, but as the pc got problem she invited me in, yes she did invite me inside into the office. Well this gave me the opportunities to see the scoop behind the scene, where the cabin crew lepaking themselves while waiting for their night flight or doing some ground floor task such as selling ticket. They've been multi-tasking! Anyway back to the office, after filling out the steps I've reached to the payment methods, and there the problem occurs, I cant make payment through the m2u. And yes she wondering too why the problem occurs. And she asked me to used her own account, and still the same problem occurs. See I've told you rite.

So she also blur as there is no direct debit section in the web. And reaching for her purse, she offered to help me to pay using her own credit card and of course I have to pay her back...unfortunately she didn't bring her cc. Well its ok since she already offered to help and the intentions is good enough for me already. Perhaps lady luck was on my side or simply her colleagues were eavesdropping on our conversation, he offered his helped too. Well actually he sitting not so far from us, and I was... well I'm touched to be honest. After settling the payment and pay her colleague cash on the spot, and thanking both of them well for making my day brighter, I went straight home with a smile with a promise to make others day better. Kindness is infectious things and tend to become chain reaction.

Here the sreenshot which contain the direct debit payment method.

2.Me and my eastern star.

I remember one phrase. It said like this "people might forget your name,but people would certainly remember how u make them feel." I believe in this phrase to certain extend. More to towards how people make me feel rather than my action towards others.And yes i still remember the name of cabin crew/sales agent on the ground. Both of them.

So I receive this strange invite to open a Tagged account. I had numerous of invinte before which i turn down. This same guy also follows me on my Twitter, tho i dont tweet much. Still, the mystery how did he got my e-mail i don't actually remember and I don't remember giving e-mail to someone as way of communicating with others. Its a good thing that my e-mail haven't changing since late 2002 or 2003 (that make I've been using this same email for 7 years. Wow!) And I accept his invitation, to see who this guy actually is. Turn out he is the guy who i used to have a crush on during my 1st year. Looking good as usual sending his invite from ukraine, and I remember I was kinda sad that my roomates (my roomates and this guy are coming from the same matriculation) told me that he is going to Ukraine to further his studies in Medic. Well... life goes on as it is. I certainly didn't expect him to say "of course i still remember you :)".

Flash backward, during our excursions trip to Kelantan, things got steamy heated in the bus as we sit next to each other, however for my dissapointment he tagged along with other guy, who is a bit sissy-ish (and the very same guy who accusing me that I grab his flat ass- turn out after two years the truth emerge, that he just bad mouthed me behind my back, not that we're friend or something, but at last I'm vindicated. No wonder one of my friend keep calling my "ass-grabbing guy" lol.)

And I ask him whether he still remember me and , well he said he still even remember me and the funny things is he couldn't remember how other guys (the one who called me ass-grabber) look like. Well it make me flattered, the same feeling just like my lucky star did to me when we finally 'found' each other. It is good to know that someone still remember you well after this year. And it definitely make my day.

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