Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Me & Bummers

1. Talking about disappointment, I woke late for three consecutive morning. Damn it, even though I have more than enough sleep, but still couldn't wake up early in the morning, and I couldn't hear my alarm. Fuck. So when your morning basically a mess, it practically put you in a bad mood and ruin your day.

2. As the tv season come to an end, there are quite bummer around. I won't talking about the not returning show (thanks god Chuck is renewed, and Supernatural have a good prospect, so I doubt the show will be canceled. Touch wood! Touch wood!) As the winner of American Idol and ANTM is revealed, it doesn't bring the good news. I know I'm late on this, but still... Adam & Alison were both landed second place and they both my favourite contestant. Well lets say I've been rooting for both of them since audition, as I know they both are something something. One with fierce personality and another has fierce big eyes. Both are captivating. Damn TyranouSOURus and American Idol voters.

3. The third bummer... is such a biggest disappointment. Like the "apple pie" told me once upon a time a dinosaur roams this planet earth, "if you fall for someone try not to fall to hard, the harder you fall, the more hurt its gonna get." Something like that. Kinda. I wish everything was easy and the hardest part is not finding the one that matter, but to keep on the same page as that one person is. Damn it I really don't know what to do. Perhaps...something that good to boost up my self-esteem, like lucky streak winning ticket to a million of dollar or perhaps a hook up with someone who like you or adores you. After all sex make people feels good and put you in a good mood.

yeah just the way i like it...

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