Thursday, May 28, 2009

Me and love reflection/Me and my fault

At the moment, I'm struck with one big epiphanies. All the great love stories, they just doesn't begin immediately. They takes times to develop, they faces many hardship, conquered it and won it. Well from there its another story of happily ever after or whatnot. So whats up with me, trying too much to jump so fast into that loveship. Probably thats is where I have done my mistake is. I guess everything has it own times, has it own rhythm and the moment we try to take control or push it, even the slightest movement could ever change the original course it was set to be. Although I like to call myself as an adventurer, merely trusting the feeling and lets the heart take the risk, and even if the risk is worth taking, perhaps part of being a good adventurer is choosing wisely which adventure that is worth taking.

I guess when you're were engulf with that demonic passion (just exaggerating there), I think it best to cool everything down. Or perhaps its time to move on and looking for another adventure. I guess I'll just cool everything off first.

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