Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Me & Mistake. Again.

You see, some mistake are guilty pleasures. Like you know you're are not allowed to have ice-cream when you're sick but you still do or you have an affair with someone even though you're know you're in a relationship. As for me i make one of many of those mistake. Well in my case its not the sex matter.Perhaps its a little bit involving those wild fantasy.

Two days ago I went for hair cut, and my mistake was not doing it with my regular hair dresser. So I went to this new place instead, a decent well decorated and professional like place, but i guess I was wrong. The moment she cut my hair I felt something terribly wrong, but its not like you to bail out in the middle of the hair cutting process with your hair is half-cutted. Yes the hair-dresser is a girl while the place I usually go to is a guy and he is gay too. How do I know...? Well lets say I just know because I found his profile in gay dating website. Hes a bottom too. Anyway when she cut it like i said it was totally wrong. I know it, but here's the guilty pleasure part. When she asked me whether I would like to get a massage, I said "Hell yes. Give it to me baby!" Ok not exactly like that. But man she got the golden touched, and nooooo I did not just cummed in my short. She really know how to work her hand which make me think "have she worked in a massage parlour before?". At that time all my doubt flown away along with the massage that she give. Damn, so does my wallet getting thinner because of it. But as everything come back to reality, realizing that hair-do make me so bitterly ugly, I swore to myself I wont come back unless I need a good massage. Girl you suck as a hair-dresser but you give damn good massage.

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