Saturday, January 26, 2008


Finally the internet is back. But honestly I really dont know for how long. Hopefully for long time though. Thing with the house has been a little bit complicated though.

And I have unfinished blog to finish. Really not in the mood to finish it. I was supposed to post it last week but as I mention earlier the Internet just back today. Couldn't find the time to post through the lab computer anyway as I was busy entertaint the sophomore with their lab work and gosh the new colleague sometime really piss me off. And just because he older than me, doesn't mean he have to talk arrogantly. Jeez.

Anyhow, with the death of actor Heath Ledger (i'm sure lots of people blog bout it) I cant wait to watch The Dark Knight. I still remember one of his drama "Roar", Celtic kinda themed-drama (it has sparked my interes towards Celtic culture) and it felt like yesterday.

Sayonara Heath Ledger...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

what a shame....

Crazed Fan's Dialogue during Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar @ USM Penang (January 5th, 2008).

Crazed fan: Saya bla bla binti bla
bla, seorang pelajar ilmu pendidikan.
Of course saya nak tujukan soalan
kepada angkasawan kita, Dr Sheikh
Muzasphar (Yeah, right, soalan, it
wasn’t a soalan okay it was a

Crazed fan Continued: Saya ingin
mengatakan bahawa saya sebagai bakal
guru akan mendidik anak-anak bangsa
sehingga berjaya menjadi angkasawan
kelak dan mengikuti contoh Dr. Sheikh

Me (starting to get embarrassed): I
looked at my friend who was sitting
down and each of us rolled our eyes
while silently communicating to each
other….. Oh, pleeeasee!

Crazed fan continued on: Saya akan
pastikan mereka akan meminati sains
dan akan menjadi orang-orang yang
berguna. Saya mewakili semua mahasiswi-
mahasiswi di sini …….

Me: Whoaaaa! Just wait a minute there
missy. Just what the hell do you think
you’re doing? Who the bloody hell made
you my representative????
(unfortunately all said in my head)

Crazed fan blabbed on: Saya mewakili
semua mahasiswi-mahasiswi di sini
ingin mengatakan kami berbangga dengan
Dr. Sheikh dan just want to say ………
(drum roll please)….. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Me: WHAAATTT!!! What the hell are you
saying (All of course in my head). I
just really wanted to strangle her.


Taken from my friend bulletin. And I was like errgh OMGWTHBBQRST!!!!!!!
What a shame...

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Sometimes you cant help but keep feel this "void" feeling inside of you. Feels like something is not complete, part of your life is missing, and you keep wondering what is this missing piece. Its like the void in your heart and it is tranquil but yet its depressing and incompletely empty.