Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Straight Guy Rhapsody

Indeed, the day past very fast. LW i agree with u there. absalutely. The thing is, i think i'm still tired from the event that took place last week. Today i woke up late again arrive at the lab quite late, and i dont even know that today is Wednesday (pathetic yes). Not to mention i feel kinda weak and i got the feeling that i'm sick. So i sms this doctor-going-to-be fella asking his advise lor. Well sort of give him pratice how to deal with his future patient hahaha. - which he advise to avoid hot stuff (include hot men)- that i cant guarentee. hahaha.

anyway, last week was a very busy week for me. for some it was raya, and i could smell the chicken curry away (delicious....). As for me i was busy feasting my eyes with lotsa eye candy (eventhou my eyes fixed on one particular guy). okok seriously i was at ICG'07. It was the most hectic and busiest 4 days not to mention tiring days i ever had in my life (so far being a LOC team). I only been away for 4 days but it feel likes a loooooooooooong time. Btw, ICG is a shortform for Inter-Campus Gathering, an event that took place once every two year and held by the each respective diocese (this year it was organized by Penang Diocese). So basicly its a time for all CSS (catholic Student Society) to gather and discuss about certain issue. And ofcourse, its an even for eye candy feast. *wink*wink*
Oh how many times did me fall for straight guy with girlfriend and told ourself no too. Many times and this time i did it again. ok maybe the word fall to much but ... i like this particular guy (and we cant resist cute and burning hot guy rite). I only managed to know his name and the only thing i ever said to him is "Good morning". But then its not like i have the chance to talk to him anyway.Well i know i absalutely cant forget THE guy because i dont want to. Atleast not yet.

After back from ICG i didnt even get a proper rest. The next event, collect more sample for research material and i even have to come to the lab on sunday again. Man this week i really need to rest. Rest assure.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Life so far

Man finally its a holiday. Hari Raya Holiday, even though some did not get their holiday, its my first holiday as a malaysian plebs. Last few days seem busy (or atleast i make myself busy) doing some test on a subject that i havent get to fully comprehend yet. Atleast not yet. Now I know what it feel to be in the lab from 9-5, not like what i had in my mind. Well i imagine myself sitting infront of the computer doing some data analysis for an oil and gas company, or spend some quality quite time offshore, not in the lab, playing with those chemical stuff. Anyway i just couldnt complain, a job is still a job anyway.

Man... back to life, normal street or not i must say it is very mundane. I mean life isnt drama or sitcom where you get most of your fun from it, but hey it never hurt to play fun once in awhile minus the chemical stuff ofcourse. Ever since i left my chemistry studies since high school, i lost track of which chemical is harmfull which is not although it is a safe bet to be on the safe side. Like few days ago when i'm doing this test, using acid ascorbic, and jokingly i said, "hey we got vitamic C here, anybody want some?" only to get a reply from my friend "if u wanna die early take-lah". Isnt VitaC is harmless (as far as i could remember lah) but hey I still wanna live longer. Speaking bout life, it seem that many people that i know (well not that many just two only) are trying to have a family. Family of their own. Children of their own, i mean are they gonna leave their rainbow life? And it makes me wonder, what would i do if i were in their place, or when i reach their age? Could be i have the same thought like that? I always love kid, but there is but, and i know its not impossible for rainbow-er to have kid, but then i really hate bisexual people (there is reason to it and it doesnt apply to all of them) even though i feel that im a bisexual in the making (sometimes) and i hate that thought...

I've started smoking again-i found a box of Malboro cigarrette(mine it just i forgot wher i've put it) and whoa... I guess i'll just stop after this box is empty