Saturday, August 18, 2007

begining of the end

and now it comes to the end. from the hustle of the final exam to the final procession after we sang the last uni's song and receiving the scroll from Pro-Chancellor. It was all time BIG exhausting event not to mention bored at the same time something that you shouldnt forget for. It been tiring, but it been great. Finally atlast we come to the place where everybody else before us has reached, and we were announced officially that we were GRADUATING. And now we are officially called ex-student of USM, and we no longer using present tense to describe our connection there, only past tense. I was there, I was with that club, I was staying there, it all has become the past tense. And now as we were joining the band of wagon with other graduate throughout the country looking for a job and build a career, it all has become a new path. Now without the walls protecting us, we were making our journey to the world that we never new been before, making our voice heard, and creating a place,name, perhaps even fame for ourself. It all has started now, and i should cut my slacking ass too. I guess it just another begining.