Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nihonggo no (日本の)Rhapsody

Its been awhile i didnt update my blogs. Things are getting more bussier than ever. I dunno whether i'll could get enough rest....but life goes on.

I receive a sms from my fren about this student buddy thing that i wanna join. Well lets jump to bottomline, she told me that the registration for student buddy close already. so i cant be one of the wat ever it is. so no jap guys/gals for me. (this student buddy thing will act as a friend and a tutor for the japanese transter student) Sad huhuhu (T.T)I'm so sad since im sort of really excited bout this. sob sob.

i just cant help from feeling very sad bout this. Furthermore my fetish (sound so hentai ne) for japanese thingy(& guy) had developed or rather blooming once again. And as the phone rang which i know who is that person anyway, walking helplessly sad to answer the phone just to get my ear deafen by the high tone of my boss son. Why do they give the phone to their son and let him scream to death to my ears. WTF.

"bla. bla. ok" As I'm trying to make the conversation shorts.

and with the endless pain in the ass-ignment and as a result of sitting infront of the pc for quite a long time, probably i have to wear spec soon and joining the 4 eyes freak club. No offence tho, just i dun want to wear specs or having a contact lens infront of my self-proclaim beautiful eyes.

I'll promise i'll eat more carrots.