Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Year Rhapsody: Passion Rhapsody

At the age of 27, im still struggling with myself both living my life and living my dream. Infact im more confuse than ever now as an adult compare to when im was a teenager. Living responsibility seems to be a big boulder of rock that keeping me from reaching to a conclusion of what my passion really is.

Luckyly i found a few article on how to find your passion here and it really give an idea to write and do this.i've been looking for such article on how to find what is or are your passion really is/are. The things that i've never thought before is that perhaps we have more than one passion and its okay to have more than one. An idea that i never embrace before. Instead im stuck which one and only one. Silly isnt it?

Naturally as a pieces i really2 do love arts. However due to the idea that was instill by my parents that art cant make a living, i growing up and telling myself to hate art. I do love to paint, and i have few painting that im proud of(back when im in high school). I grew myself into science (not that i hate them anyway) but in the end during my uni life i found myself struggling miserably and failing patheticly in my course. But i keep perserving telling myself that i can do it and one day i would land myself a big job as geophysicist with a huge and fat paycheck from big fat oil and gas company. In the end i still end up working up at supermarket just like any other people who doesnt spend and waste both of their money and time!

Anyway (without ashamed) here are the thing thats im passion about, or atleast really intereted of doing it.

1.Acting. Is one form of art, although i dont have the confident of doing so, but in the end, in real life we do put ourself into this so called big stage and act according to our surrounding and people around us. Its not that hard rite.

But really, what make me feels really like an under achiever are those young Korean star who earn (ofcourse they do) lots of money. Fame and money. I know, it sound a bit cliche and so teenage-like esp the Korean idol part, but its the truth. Cant really deny it.

To add a fuel to this dream/passion/interest i found this acting school in korea.interesting isnt it.

2. Didnt i mention that i love to draw. So this is another interest of mine that related to a pencil and drawing board. I wanna become an architec. Yup i do, tho its a bit technical. Back when i was a kid,our grand-family are trying to move to a new place and thinking of a few design on how it should be. So threw i my ideas in trying to impress my grandparent and parent too. Never occurs in my mind that i shud choose this career path. i too try to design my dream house. It was magnificent for a 12 yrs old kid haha.... i do love arranging things and make the living room and my bedroom beautiful. so this lead to interior designing. It sort of my second interest as being an architect is a bit technical, while ID are more towards to creativity of mind and space. hehe.

3. I love beautiful picture (hint camera). Back then my father has this collection of mags (not porn mag) and it also include national geographic sort of magazine. They do have a lots of breathtaking and awesome beautiful picture in it. The thing is im not only admiring those pic, but i also wanted to be one of those people who took those amazing beautiful picture. but its seems nowadays picking dslr is kinda an interest of everybody. almost everyone i know are taking picture with their hand attach to dslr camera. damn this suppose to be my original idea, but alot of then stole them from me(just being dramatic). shoot. i dont want to be perceive as as copycat-ing them as they do not know my interest in picture perfect taking thing. damn this one, but i definitely going to get my hand on one dslr camera. hopefully soon thinking of having my own nigel baker of ANTM like studio. taking picture of beautiful men and women. :)

4. i do love writing. it helps me express my feeling and idea ofcourse. hence thats is why i started a blog 4 years ago. seems like it easier to write thing back then.

5.there is one thing that i wanted to add on this list but suddenly my mind wander off abouth something and i just forgot about it. damn sometimes i hate my forgetfull mind.

So seing through the list none of them are involving science. after all i took the wrong path. now that i have a list of what my passion are its easier and ofcourse the view are clearer. The burden feels lighter too now that i dont have to think any longer of what to do.

Speaking about goals, well i'm gonna writting it as flatten my belly. With this ever sedentary lifestyle and beer drinking culture, i've been gaining much weight esp in the middle part. my target is to show off my beautiful body by june. Yeah. definitely.