Saturday, March 31, 2007

Oh crAp! Bridgie

So today lets write dear diary Bridget Jones wanna be style blogs. Oh wait i havent watch that movie yet, ok wat ever....

Dear bloggy,

today i have a bad day. oh wait define bad day... (Ok) today i go for interview for this one particular company (and i like this f****g company). Since I already describe it as a bad day so anyone can assume how the interview thingy going on lah. And attending the seminar(O&G-field related) after the so watever interview is like a torture. ok enuf. watever motivation console words can relief a broken heart like mine :-* , ~~~sigh~~~~ i just feel so down today. I could have done better, and yet it doesnt went quite well. It feel like u went for ur first date with this particular someone that u like (who-ever, where-eveer that person might be in this world or out of this world) and u got rejected or rather u felt rejected. So i'm kinda sorta sad and down rite now. wat more melancholic word(s) to describe the person who failed hopelessly infront the person that he like. ohkaay wat eva (longoria!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Boohoo! after all didnt i get pain in the ass lesson from any 1 day short coursee to prepare oneself for the interview?

Arg... sometimes ppl just screw up. But this one pain in the asshole big time screw up. okok its not like it the end of the world, it just it take times for us (i.e. me) to like sumone the way u like the other one rite just like before.

yeah yeah so watever am i'm crapping bout now.

ok then baby blogy, i'm gonna just throw up my tantrum to any of the lucky customer. Basha!!!!! Fighting!!!!

And that the end Bridggie Jonie wannabie blogs.

CRaP!! BiG TimeS!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Parting such a sweet sorrow....

Parting such a sweet sorrow. its been a while since the Nanzan student back to Japan. A few week ago, i would be busy hang out with them, introduce new food, new words, everythig new lah. Almost to sweet to comprehend by word. And as the stars shine at it brightest that morning (4.00am), and Gemini constelation can be seen clearly that nite and with me showing my friend Mariko where her zodiac (Gemini) is that morning. Well that was what happen few weeks ago. Ahh really miss them tho. I guess the other buddies missing them aswell. I'm sure bout that. Especially when we all went to Pusat Bahasa or just pass by or for what ever reason that bring us there, I'm sure that the past memories with all the Nanzan student at Pusat Bahasa will automatically played back in our head. And ofcourse that Monday morning as we all didnt sleep all nite long whether helping them packing up or just playing around with them or exchange sake; in our case (only me and my nanzan group:yuki, mariko & reiko + jacky +buma) stout beer. Kampaii nee. One for safe trip back home to Japan and another one for the cherished memory that will ever last forever.

As we go on with life, parting is inevitable. Whether it just for a short while or long time that we dont know when we would meet again, or whether it parting going to be as we approaching the end of semester, it seems that parting road already lies ahead of us. This evening, we organizing a farewell party to our Lecturer as he will joining the industry and opening his own consultan firm. Another parting event that take place today. Like an excerpt from one of my favourite books, Coral Island by RM Ballantyne, its a classic actually and it kinda long, it said:

"TO part is the lot of all mankind. The world is a scene of
constant leave-taking, and the hands that grasp in cordial greeting
to-day, are doomed ere long to unite for the last time, when the
quivering lips pronounce the word - "Farewell." It is a sad
thought, but should we on that account exclude it from our minds?
May not a lesson worth learning be gathered in the contemplation of
it? May it not, perchance, teach us to devote our thoughts more
frequently and attentively to that land where we meet, but part no

How many do we part from in this world with a light "Good-bye,"
whom we never see again! Often do I think, in my meditations on
this subject, that if we realized more fully the shortness of the
fleeting intercourse that we have in this world with many of our
fellow-men, we would try more earnestly to do them good, to give
them a friendly smile, as it were, in passing (for the longest
intercourse on earth is little more than a passing word and
glance), and show that we have sympathy with them in the short
quick struggle of life, by our kindly words and looks and action."

That was my favourite part of this book.

Well i'm afraid we have to part again. No worries. we still be able to meet again.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Hisashiburi...... Japanese Rhapsody #2

So here I am,
Sitting here
Staring blindly
Or trying to find for some idea for my pain in the assignment
Which I suppose to finish last nite
But I went back early
Just because it 3.00 am in the morning
It kinda make me spooky
It make me feel very spooky
And the image of The Ring alike monsters keep appear in my head
Damn, why I imagined those thing…
So I got scared, called my friend and ask him to pick me up
Yeah, yeah I know I’m chicken
Damn supersticious!!!!!!
Hontoni kowaii!!!!

So here again I have to finish my pain in the assignment
Sort of tired
I wish I’m on my bed now
No… this time I didn’t imagine things
Somehow I just feel sad
Sort of very sad
Because I know after next week
Those Japanese student will go back home
And I’m sure I’m gonna miss them
Very much….
But I guess for I know I’ll just keep tomorrow problem for tomorrow
Today no tutorial with them
No more laughter during dinner with them
No longer see their weird expression each time we introduced new food to them
Yeah damn hell
I’m gonna miss them much
I think I’m not the only one
I’m sure bout that
I guess I still have one more week to spend with them